Are you being “too much” for someone? Because you want to be in the best health EVER, to be the best version of you Day10💙

How long are you going to leave it?

when you make out you’re fine, your health is fine, so you can carry on eating crap …and end up so sick, but it’s not your fault, blind folded to a dead end because the food industry is the biggest scam there is – not here to help anyone, but make the planet sick and brainwashed!!

why most leave it till they’re so sick,
to have the kick up the butt to take action on the most important part of your entire life
your health
because without it
there is no life

You didn’t listen to your sacred body temple again … it keeps talking to you through the weight gain, exhaustion, cravings, food attachments, binge eating, body pain, brain fog, depression … but still you’re not listening … why??
what’s more important than the way you feel, really, what?
I hear, nothing, exactly, so why are you ignoring your bodies cry for your attention?

I looked at this photo my mum sent me this morning and burst into tears, my beautiful Tio in Spain, and my gorgeous pa, only 2 years apart in age,

oh so precious YOUR life is❤️

But you keep taking it for granted,
never thinking it’ll happen to you,
until it does, and then you worry fear panic … and get stuck in hospital being pumped with medication toxic food and more dis-ease, more suppression, and still no answers …

this doesn’t need to be how it works out.

the Body when feed correctly can live beyond what most believe think are told
but so so few are eating our specie specific foods,
and why the human body fades

Using food as your cleanser and eliminator and you’ll experience health beyond what you ever thought possible – remove the mucus and
the body is free
space is made
and the body can finally heal

we die of an OLD body
not a SICK body
MASSIVE difference.

my dad has always taken care of his body and always eaten plenty of fruits and veggies all his life
I always remember as a kid him saying we must eat more fresh fruit and veggies, and walking BEing in nature getting creative
it clearly shows what it does for the body and your life

my Dad was my first biggest teacher on food as a kid, and I’m so grateful for this❤️

Where the body THRIVES;
Next Level Plant-Based Nutrition
Toxin removal
A paradigm shift

it’s life
It’s necessary

You are the master of your destiny,
what do you choose?

Why do so many leave their health on the table? because no ones ever been taught how to take care of the human vessel,
it can’t and will not survive on carbs sugar caffeine stimulants grains meat dairy,

its simply NOT designed for it,

so many think they’re a healthy expert (living full of symptoms!!)
If you’ve got this health thing down,
you’ll be thriving well vibrant clear,
free from all medication
feeling totally free aligned and centered in your body mind and soul
this is when we’ve master the healing of the human body,

It’s clear.

You can
play-trick-mess with your body
yes it’ll adapt for a while
Until it’s had enough
And you have to deal with it
the body will not mess with you
It’ll simply show you straight up
what it needs

It’s your divine responsibility to show up for it,

I abused my body with a lot of alcohol, a lot of partying, high fat high protein foods, synthetic supplements, extreme road running, drinking buckets of caffeine, eating a ton of oil and salt, and eating sugary carbs daily for years

…and the body will not run as it’s meant too,
because the ENERGY doesn’t fit IN
It’s not recognized
There’s no place for it
It’s the wrong puzzle

So this journey of eating what you think-belief you need,
doesn’t work,

It’s a paradigm shift
It’s time to challenge evolve change
RE-think what food is
and how the body heals itself

It’s challenging for the mind
But in your heart you have always known
Its coming home to simple sweet pure vibrant whole and complete plant-based nutrition that the body understands

Born whole and complete

Yet continuing to eat foods that form acid mucus dis-ease in a vessel made for light

stagnant emotions
comfort-eating-to-discomfort later

how long can this last?
well the truth is the body can keep going and will carry you along in a haze disconnected sluggish heavy toxic and eating junk for a long time, like I said,
the body can adapt very well

But is that life
Is that what you’re here for???

You are born to THRIVE

People must shift this mindset of survival once and for all
and step into a higher game here

Food is for our evolution
Not a numbing tool

What is food to you in this moment?

What is your body to you in this moment?

It’s time for freedom x