••: the liver💚organ digests bacteria viruses and chemicals, and regulates hormones,
our precious liver never expected to have to deal with the overload of toxicity it has to today, and why the body gains weight feels sluggish unclear emotional gut health spirals down with bloating constipation headaches you crave foods, & mental and thyroid health deteriorates

••: the liver is an organ of biological transmutation☯️meaning it can literally shed the old you and awaken the renewed true you #nextlevelhealth

••: I thought my liver was all good, drinking my green juices and smoothies with a ton of greens coconut oil protein powders superfoods, taking lots of super boosting supplements, doing detoxes here and there

Sound familiar?
Body peace is beyond the mainstream hype of health Gorgeous!

••: I still felt exhausted, sluggish, unclear, foggy, craving caffeine sugar pastries, cakes, bread and alcohol …

so, what’s going on?

••: Like I said, you’ll know if your liver is happy and healthy: you’ll feel energised, clear, mentally stable and strong, your emotions balanced, your hormone health aligned, your weight ideal, you feel peaceful, and you’re not craving caffeine sugar or carbs

••: I revealed some big liverlove stuff; greens are not the first stop, nor are supplements, the cleansing and alkalizing of the liver tissue always comes FIRST, a process of regeneration and purification

💭did you know the liver is connected to your mind, so anything mental health is liver health! gut, toxins & hormones are all involved here🔺

➰the liver 💚’s easily digestible alkaline foods- fruits, veggies, mucus lean-mucus free foods, lots of raw, juices, whole-plant foods, simplicity is truth-is key-here we heal it all,

Supporting our detoxification functions is essential for hormone health, youth, beauty, longevity, for optimal well-being on all levels! Available to you right now Beauty!

🍋the liver is a ♾portal♾ to next level happiness, joy, bliss-body, health confidence and freedom!

What is your liver saying?💬

I am energised, or I am exhausted?
I am clear, or I am confused?
I am peaceful, or I am pressured?
I am happy or I am hangry?

To freedom,
much love