The greatest gift we can give ourselves and our planet is coming home to our true self, the self that is grounded in love light calm knowing trust freedom health and happiness

Health and happiness
living in the light and feeling love in our hearts is our birthright

Happiness is the truth!

I found my way back to the light through eating in alignment with natures rhythms, using plant food to heal my body emotions heart, my relationship with my true-self

as we come home to eating in tune with our planet, with our great mother,
the body naturally heals itself and health is reinstated and happiness is awoken from within, as we heal on a cellular level where all life begins and transforms

Happiness is who we are
Freedom is who we are
Health is who we are
Bliss is who we are
Love is who we are
Life is who we are

At The Body Awakening Bali Retreat this is where we go, we return to the core of our very being, we awaken to more of our greatness and we do it through ease and grace

In returning to this place we see physical and emotional symptoms disappear as the body is healed at root level, and from here truth is set, and peace awakens.

We awaken true divinity, as you get to choose to take back your health and full sovereignty,

We are in control of our wellbeing, you hold the power, the source to heal it all, this is true divinity, back to the Goddess you are in every cell of your being

Called to Awaken Your Body mind and soul in Beautiful Bali, embody your Goddess light divinity and freedom, healing your body and returning to your truth of bliss 💛🙌🏻💛

7 days high level immersion environment
Raw plant-based mucus free Eating
Cellular detox and regeneration
Body Awakening method classes
Dance to embody
Sing to awaken
Kundalini yoga to reset
Ceremonial sister-circles
Surrounded by Natures light and love
Barefoot luxury
Bioresonance cellular recalibration sessions
Private 1:1 sessions
And much more.

this is no regular detox Retreat,
this is back to the source of light and love, it’s a journey of liberation in less than 7 days, it’s real detox, not mainstream,

If you are ready for the light the love your freedom to be and live more deeply with our great mother Gaia, and understand the importance of healing yourself to see change on our planet, I would love to hear from you ❤️

PM me for details.
*Spaces limited.

We transform as a collective, by one healing their body they stop projecting their imbalances onto humanity, as one rises so does another, as we each come back to the light, we come home to love, to the health and happiness that lives at our core, the core of our Mother Earth which is who we are.

We are all connected
in the great tapestry of life.

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