For so long I didn’t deal with them, I just fed them.

I learnt so much from these attachments and cravings,
I saw it as an insight into what was going on inside me, where I was at emotional, well I was a mess for a long time,

I realized all the textures and flavours where feeding my emotions and blocking my energy,

It was when I started to find away of being with my emotions, tuning in, and witnessing my control around food and my relationship I had with food decisions and others

Food become so toxic and impacted very important precious areas of my life

My attachments and cravings caused arguments grief resentment anger frustration irritation not only inside myself but to others around me

the food chaos lead to hormonal chaos, I had been feeding my body mucus and acidic foods for too long, so my hormones started to disfunction- and stop functioning

I could feel it in my unstable emotions and need for stimulation through chocolate caffeine fat and salt

I decided I had to change this, it was causing so much pain and toxicity, when I made this decision, veganism planted then mucus free-lean all started to appear in my life, one after the other, finally getting to what set me free being mucus-free!!

Here was the sign, the medicine, the freedom, I could have easily ignored it, but I was ready, oh so ready to heal this toxic relationship and release habits to make space for the new and better myself,

Deciding is such a powerful energy, when we decide the universe will bring to us what we need and it’s up to you to take action on it

I stretched beyond my comfort zone, and here I got to let so much go, the zone of growth learning and healing right here,

Where can you stretch to heal more deeply?

Arianna x

PS. If you are seeking 1:1 support in this area reach out to me privately x