How do you see food? I see it like this …

Food was my biggest battle from my teens to my early thirties, even in my early thirties I thought I was eating healthy-giving my body what it needed,
I found out otherwise …

Food is now my biggest liberation, so how have I turned things around so massively, let me show you.

Firstly I want to share a story with you, a story of when I thought I had to eat what everyone else was eating to fit in,
yet not tending to my own needs and desires, but eating to please others, because ‘what will they think of me if I eat that’, or don’t eat that, if I make a fuss, if I tell the waiter I don’t eat that that and that and can I change it for this this and this😂this is so me when I go out!!!

Even as young girl I remember being very fusing about the bread I ate, it had to be fresh brown granny, none of that bleached white stuff – it’s not even bread, well that’s how I saw it, I only liked certain dressings and my food had to be fresh,
I rarely EVER ate anything from a packet, and never microwaved – it’s the frequency of death that stuff!

This is how I was bought up, fresh home-cooked food every day, so this was just programmed into my DNA as a kid, it was my standard

But as the years went on, and I moved away from home to go to uni in Nottingham then Falmouth then London, yes I was a lover of study, I could read research and nerd out ALL day long,

So fast forward to the end of 2017, and everything started to shift in a big way, for me it was a total paradigm shift around food and the body and how we heal,

I started delving deeper in Prof.Erhet’s revolutionary work and it deeply resonated at soul level, I had huge realisations, to why our planet is so unhealthy and so sick and so dis-connected at a soul level,
the level of our unique essence,

Why? because we’re eating in such a way that our body doesn’t get it,
our cells don’t get it,
we’re 90% bacteria,
bacteria can not thrive healthily off
high fats protein salty sugary oily stimulant fuelled lifestyles,
I found this out after I tried this for years and ended up full of parasites mucus and hormones everywhere

Hence why hormonal imbalances are so dominant right now, and why so many are gaining weight or stuck with it, sluggish anxious craving fearful and worrying about everything, I was here too, for so so long!!

I realised the food we eat either
frees us
frightens us

As food either triggers a para-sympathetic state where we feel calm peaceful
and can digest
a sympathetic state where we live in fear fight flight stress and adrenaline,
putting huge pressure on all our hormones and our entire endocrine and nervous system

Causing burn-out stress weight gain exhausting anxiety thyroid issues body pain low self-esteem …

I experienced all of this,
I always thought something was so wrong with me, that I was so weird and held shame for feeling so not together, like totally checked out of live, totally stuck in the Matrix would be a better explanation I guess,

So food, it’s such a big deal for us all, we have so much history with it, we have such weird relationships with it, we get so attached to it, we get so angry with it- buttery almond chocolate croissant🥐
STOP saying “eat me”, “I’m being good”🤦🏻‍♀️ today – this was me for like years, totally obsessed with croissants!!

It’s such a huge part of our life, it brings us together, we hmmmm and arrrrrrrrr, and yum,
and oh my god this is so good,
don’t we,
we get so hooked attached to the flavours the sweetness the softness the saltiness the spice the crunch the sour,
oh those textures,

So what’s happened
to food being a MEDICINE,
it’s our connection to awakening
our inner and outer bliss
but the regular eating habits have…
caused acid mucus parasites to use us because we allowed it
it’s being used like
we use our excuses
to escape feeling our life
feeling our emotions
feeling what needs to be felt
to heal and move on

Here we take back our power
No longer giving it away to the numbing of sugary carbs cups of coffee bottles of wine salty dishes and mucus filled rice or virus filled ovulation of egg on pus spread butter on toast,

there’s certain foods we are just not meant for,

Gross. Real. Honest. Raw. Truth. I can’t help it ☺️

My years of thinking oh I’m so healthy I’m
eating homemade food, meat oily fish eggs butter whole-wheat bread olive oil-
ALL of it,

Wow! I realised I had been using food to numb my pain
to suppress my purpose
to suppress me,
because I was so afraid to shine so bright and be all of me and the food kept all of that LIGHT pushed down

So how do I see food now-

It’s a catalyst to awaken you
It’s a tool for opening up your authentic expression
It’s a freedom from within
It’s a celebration to let go
It’s a beauty to honour its power
It’s a medicine that can heal it all
physical mental emotional spiritual energetic

when it’s given the chance to do so
when it’s used as nature intended
when it’s respected as much as man-made toxic pharmaceuticals!!?
THIS will be the day everything changes

and I’ve not only seen the transformation in my own body and life, but amazing clients dropping 4 stress sizes in 8 weeks, healing 5 years of chronic hip and lower back pain in 6 days, women taking back their power and standing confident in their truth after being housebound for 2.5 years, total burn-out to boundless energy, healing years of depression in less than 8 weeks and clearing the mind of clutter and reconnecting to the inner peace, fitting into the clothes they want to wear not have to wear, and feeling a freedom around food!

I believe in using food as our most potent catalyst for change within and out,
it’s the switch of perception around food that changes the habits patterns attachments and activates an ease lightness freedom clarity presence and
re- connection to self

We are soul
Not body
We do not need to worry about the body
We need to give the soul what it needs
To Release It
To Release You
from here the body heals itself
and you thrive Beautiful!

We must remember we are souls having a human experience, not the other way round, give the soul what it needs
and the body will thrive

Feed the soul
Feed our purpose
Feed our power
Feed our essence
Feed our truth

It’s a home coming back to the true you.

Where …

Life is bliss.

Food is ecstasy.

Your Body is love.

Ari x