This morning I finished a 35hr dry fast, after a weekend of a lot of energetic and emotional release work on top of that, my body released more physically,
are you ready for more…
I know it’s gross, but I’m all about the realness, and us all seeing the truth of what’s really causing the epidemic of hormonal issues, the sugary carb cravings, weight gain, low back and hip pain, sluggishness and thyroid issues.

I woke up weak with not much energy at all, my body has been processing A Lot, this wasn’t because I hadn’t eaten or drank anything, far from it, this actually builds internal strength and ease within our body,

this weakness was because of what was moving through me and out of me, what was being pulled out of my tissue and removed from my body, as well as big energetic shifts taking place internal, the body can feel weak when it’s processing a huge amount of healing, at a cellular level,

this is part of really healing our precious body hormones organs blood and cells,

So what more did I release – a lot of mucus, yessssssss 😃so happy for this,
as mucus seriously obstructs the body, clogging our lymphatic system and digestion, which puts huge pressure on our adrenal and kidneys vital for weight balance energy and protection from toxins,
and the removal of this mucus takes a lot of stress off our endocrine glands, our most important messaging system, that sorts all our hormones out and re-organizes them,
the back bone system to higher states of consciousness,
And more parasites, so taking back more vital nutrition energy awareness and power,
feels sooooo good!!

I instantly felt strength re-activate as this was all released through an enema.

The cleaner the body gets, the more and more we can release, as this yuck can no longer enjoy a vibrant clean happy healthy pure body,
it only likes the dark damp moist moldy fungus pus filled body, which is where I was for decades, and most are now!

So from here we get to experience more energy radiance happiness strength clarity a lightness, an ease, a certainty in our body, a freedom from within.

this journey isn’t for the faint hearted, it’s for those who want real life-long results and health that just keeps giving and awakening and feeling soooo good.

this is where we’ll be going in Ibiza in 3 weeks, where you get to experience what your body is made of, as the waste is removed the Body Awakens into a place of pure love, no longer is the body obstructed,
but clean clear and free
to feel and look Amazing!

Here you get to look and feel your absolute thriving radiant self ❤️