Hormone testing kept me in the dark for years, I got nowhere new and healed nothing knowing my hormone levels

It’s a load of numbers that mean very very little, as we are all different, it’s not addressing the root cause

It’s your symptoms that tell you everything, not a hormone panel,

So many of my clients ask if I need to see their tests, often I say I don’t need to see them, or I’ll have a look,
and I then remember why I never look, or go by them anymore,

they’re totally irrelevant to healing,
getting fixed on these levels took me round in circles, and I know so many women it’s also done the same too, maybe you’re here now?

No answers
Just more tests
Either nothing shows up
but you still feel awful
Or a load shows up
that means you get put on medication
and the body gets suppressed
and the root cause is never found,
but you continue to feel unwell,

THIS is a disservice to humanity,
you deserve to know the truth and get real support here, you are so important,
this is your body
this is your precious and very sacred life

FOCUS ON elimination, here you heal,

YOU and me are different,
we will never have the same levels, and why hormone testing is ridiculous, and modern medicines ranges mean nothing, they instill fear and worry,
and no help or hope

just false feedback and no solution!

What I found when I stopped getting any testing, and focusing on the core of health ‘finding the root cause’ – everything changed and my body started to heal, and this is how I work with my clients,

I don’t waste time on hormonal panels –
We go straight to the clarity and freedom piece so you can get truly well,

Getting the elimination pathways functioning optimally and energy flowing through the bodies inner channels,
here the hormones can begin to heal,

diets, emotional healing, supplementation, getting blood tests won’t heal the body or hormones

came back to your symptoms, how are you FEELING?

Everyone’s levels will always be different, so how can there be healthy and unhealthy levels used on all of us?

It makes no sense and doesn’t work

Hormonal panels, thyroid readings, it all takes our power away, and keeps us trapped in not knowing, because the (Dr, endocrinologists) don’t even know what’s going on either!!?

Forget the numbers
And come home to the truth
Which sits in the health of your elimination channels…

Once the digestive system is working assimilating, utilizing, bowels are healing, the lymphatic system and kidneys are moving through waste,
and acid foods and mucus is removed from the body,
then the hormones can heal, and your endocrine system can reset and begin clear communication between master glands and organs,

AND from here, the weight gain, exhaustion, menopause imbalances, thyroid imbalances, bloating, hair loss, skin issues, stress, anxiety, cravings, hungry, body pain
will heal and disappear

Focusing precious energy on hormone testing is like a road that goes nowhere,

The road that activates your body and life freedom and will heal anything – is that of elimination, from here cells can regenerate, and the body can reset

remove what’s obstructing the body and the body will heal itself
and from here the most radiant vitality and peace will be activated inside your body

and it’s here we get to live a totally new frequency

Liberated harmony in this vessel of life🌈

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