I know this story every well, as it took me so long to heal my body, well over a decade,

Sat here writing this in the sun wearing my skimpy bikini feeling so blessed so grateful and so deeply present in my body,
but it definitely hasn’t always been this way …

I struggled for so many years with my body with just wanting to feel confident in my skin wanting to feel peaceful in my thoughts- in being me,
I craved for the day I would shine my light and no longer hide or shrink myself to please others or make others feel comfortable,
I longed for the day I didn’t crave toxic foods to stimulate my body to numb the pain I held in my heart and soul,
I prayed to just feel well and love myself …

It’s been a radical journey of discovering my end,

how about you beautiful?

When I was going through my struggles,
I longed for someone to really get what I was going through, to find someone who had had a similar journey and who could help me, but I didn’t find them,

I realised there was a reason for this,
I was here to figure it out so I could then help you, and other women going through what I’ve been through,
yes I studied and did all that
but the wisdom and knowledge I have gained on my journey tops all of it!

I would go to nutritionists and FM doctors,
and I definitely got some results (we’ll suppression not healing) I am grateful for their help at the time, as it taught me
a lot, and why I do things so differently to the masses around Health now,

I heard so much of – take all these supplements you most likely are deficient in everything!!! (Never explained!)
and I even remember a lady telling me to sing some baby song on the toilet as I was constipated 😯

I went along with all of it because I didn’t know better at that point in my life, it was before I went deep into my own journey,
I put all my trust and faith in them,
But all I heard was add add add,
and never about removing the cause,
the toxins?

So you’re told …
– You can get there quicker if your take supplements, when what they’re really doing is slowing the real healing process down (I’m talking synthetic soya based full of fillers and fake vitamins and minerals)
– if I’ve been told to get these tests there must be a reason (Rarely any reason other than that the person doesn’t understand the way the human body works, and looking outside of the body, because it’s on paper it’s truth, really?!? rarely!!- it’s yet another distraction)
– Add more protein good fats oils complex carbs in and the body will be ok, you will start to feel well soon?!?! (It’s a lie, you will feel relief because these foods suppress the body into false states, it’s not healing)
– Oh no you don’t need to detox, your liver and kidneys will do that, just take this eat that and get that test?!

And so the chaos continues.

I can’t bare to see humanity led into further health chaos
and this is what’s happening and why so many get fed up
give up
get frustrated
don’t take action
and don’t invest in their health,
I hear you,
because you’ve tried so much and nothing’s really worked
and you’ve definitely not got your dream results,

Me to, I had moments where I was like, forget this, nothing’s really working,
I guess I’ll just go back to eating what I was and do some extra exercise and continue looking for the next super supplement that claims it can cure it all!!

I found out -there isn’t one.

I am so so so passionate about this journey of preserving healing freeing the body, because after literally trying it all diets supplements testing alternative therapies (of which some are truly amazing and needed!)
But I realised 5 years back in my flat in London, Oh Gosh, I GET IT,
it’s all about detox, but doing detox properly safely and making sure my body is fully supported, well I dived into this journey alone and continued digging away experimenting studying researching you name it, I did it,

Until bam, IT WENT CELLULAR, and here the absolute body magic unfolded

the day came,
when it all just made so much sense,
I have to get all that shit waste junk mucus parasites fungus heavy metals acid OUT
and from here my body can start to heal every system
every organ
every cell
All of it.

So I did the hard work for you 🙂

It doesn’t have to take anyone decades years even months to heal and reset the body,
you can have rapid transformation when you have the right pieces

Which I found to be:
🍇Plant foods (mucus free-lean is best, transitioning gently makes it easy, this is one part I support my clients with)
✌🏻Belief work
💎Cellular cleaning
Frequency bodywork is super powerful to (we have this machine at our 7 day immersion in Ibiza)

It doesn’t have to take a long time, it’s a choice to invest and get support and fast-track,
or do what I did, spend years + searching,
the choice is yours beautiful …

You have a ton of free content from me showing you educating you inspiring you motivating you,
but so often information gets lost and so do our results

I invite you to tune-in today and ask your body what she/he needs?


It doesn’t have to take a long time, it’s a choice of which route you choose to take,

It’s so empowering to know – you have that choice right now.

Arianna x

PS. The Body Awakening Ibiza 7 day Immersion is coming up 20th October, What you get to achieve in this week can take months years, depending on your route, it’s truly a place where profound transformation occurs inside-out, it’s a fast-track to the body feelings and freedom of your dreams …

As we are only taking on a small intimate group of women, Spaces are very limited

If you’re being called, curious, so ready for healthy change, want to hear more, just comment below BODYFREEDOM and I’ll personally send you the details x

What If You Just Decided?

Your dream you desire you want
you need, and this is your truth yes indeed
but what is it
and when will it be….

You’re told to fear your feelings
Your body and emotions
Feared that if you express them it
It’ll just be to much
You’ll be to much
to much for those around you to cope or deal with
So you crush your our existence to please another

And we’re talking about all ages here,
it’s art of the journey to embrace go inspire to show up and to be bold and courageous

THIS instillation – strength

What if you just decided?
Decided the weight loss
Decided the exhaustion
Decided the sluggishness
Decided the anxiety
Decided the bad food habits
Decided the toxic patterns
Decided the brain fog
Decided the body pain
a thing of the past

NOW I hear, but Arianna, I feel like shit, and this sounds totally irrational to believe, and here’s the exact point,
you have to
BELIEVE it’s possible for you
before going for what you want desire dream about
AND it’s here that action is taken
Because YOU do believe it’s possible for you,
So you do go all in,
You do make
the next best step for yourself,

You do get it-
That the only reason your hormones emotions energy body alignment
is off right now
is because you’re going sideways
and not fully believing
it’s here for you

It’s here for you already
Quantum talk now
It’s done
Everything’s done
And you can access it right now

Belief and biology
are one powerful combination
and it’s activation profound
at your core
and awakening in your heart
and liberating in your soul

When you get REAL with the internal
Chaos and obstruction that is the only thing holding you in this place of darkness and struggle in your body

BUT the body wants to heal
It wants you to be well
It wants you to thrive
It wants you to awaken into the magic that’s inside you right now in this moment


BUT you have to do it – the work
Make the move
Step forward
Quantum leap even
Whatever it is you want desire and dream about is of course obtainable

the past is over
the future is done
the present
your gift your awakening your cellular awakening your body rekindling
your DNA deep activation
your hormones alignment your effortless weight loss your installation of boundless energy your healthy eating habits your clarity and joy
is here now
Because everything is here now for you


You are free in this moment to choose and decide the way you feel
On to – the struggle – is The ego
Be free

stop the chaos of excuses and waiting waiting waiting
Waiting for what exactly
If it’s not time now
It will never be time

Show up for your dreams Body desires, show your worthiness to you and your caressing of love to nurture you
nurture your existence nurture yourself with pure love and devotion to be here right now for YOU

the family
the kids
the business
the travel
Yes it’s all apart of life, but this doesn’t mean YOU get put on hold because of it, life and health is one,
your wellbeing is your core beingness
And doesn’t get switched off if you have family kids business or travel stuff

It’s building the muscle the habit the focus to integrate the magic into your life so you effortless BREATH wellness being

we will always be able to find one, the question is, will you see past it
and awaken to the new realm
of flow and now able to fit it all in

You make priority what you value,
if health is missed and other areas put first,
YOU suffer more,
You don’t allow this because you know how important you are and how your health is vital for your mission showing up and healing

So finally.
You come home
You drop into the NOW.
Where you see feel know it’s available for you right now.
Vibrant aligned liberated and clear.

No longer do you see the urgh-ness

You feel the ahhhhhhhhh …..

The body feels you and hears you
The hormones reset
The DNA re-awakens
The cells regenerate
The brain rewires itself
The digestive tract rejuvenates
The master glands re-code themselves
The kidneys re-charge
The lymphatic system RESETS

Here you are
Free at last
To eat and feel liberated
To smile and feel confident
To shine and glow
To express and radiate
To be your truth
Live your birthright

And awaken every piece of your cellular microbial consciousness and live your heaven on earth


Ready Beautiful vibrant soul,
to come home to your pleasure
of being in a vibrant body and free mind and aligned energized YOU?

Arianna X
I made this for you 💜

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