The woman in the picture struggled with hormonal imbalance and toxicity overload before. She was able to get through that toxic hormonal struggle with her weight and return to peace through the programs of Arianna Aunon.

I’ve noticed over the years how the high priestess body shows up when it’s struggling with hormonal imbalance and toxicity overload 

we struggle with excess thigh and belly weight, we very often crave food for comfort, we can really feel the need for that pick me up coffee tea glass of vino, the cakes chocolate pastries sneak in too, we can also feel very foggy disconnected ungrounded stressed anxious 

…but fellow High Priestess, know this, if one high priestess SistAr can get through that toxic hormonal struggle with her weight and return to peace – SO CAN YOU

I’ve also noticed the cellulite; I’ve struggled with it on/off for years – it can show up round: self-worth struggles, toxicity weight stress overload, and when the body is in deep detox, clearing many emotions

I’ve experienced all 3 types of cellulite, and due to the commitment I have to my body and maintaining and sustaining the most optimal blissful body mind soul health EVER…

I sometimes have to deal with the cellulite detox phase, I’ve come to accept and honor it as part of this beautiful process of becoming more me

…as we go cellular, we bring it all up, the real deep stuff, and here the liberation anchors, the deeper you go the higher you rise, of course!

So Beauty! It’s all good. 

It’s simply about learning to trust your body more and more, and seeing the magic unfold in her

more miracles more wisdom unlocking through you as you birth your true Self. so exciting. so fresh. 

New beginnings are here. 

Are you ready to embrace that fresh new start in a peaceful blissful body Beauty?

Apply for a Complimentary Body Breakthrough call today and get the clarity you crave and skyrocket your body and life to the vision you hold in your heart

Love you!AA