Here’s a bit about who I really am … a wild bliss babe! who wears crystals in her yoni💎

👙I love lounging about in pretty white lingerie sipping on a fresh juice in the jungle, or by the sacred sea 

🌿I love simplicity, I never understood complexity, to me truth is simple, it can shake things up! but that’s healthy in my eyes, gives new insight 

🌹I adore luxury, to be surrounded my nature, walking barefoot, feeding myself with beauty health creativity, is how I choose to live 

👗I stand for celebrating this body, as someone who use to hate her body, embarrassed by her feminine body, anything is possible! I love my body so much now, tides do turn!🌊

📝Ask me to write you something, ask me to write all day everyday all day long – THIS is absolute BLISSNESS for me, so easy so free so nourishing, it’s one of my fav foods, soul nourishment, happiest girl ever right here🎀

❤️I love to love, on myself on others with others, LIFE is pure beauty bliss bounty after healing this body of chronic dis-ease with The BodyAwakening Method, YES! Food body life freedom … it’s oh so REAL, when we heal!!! truth is we can HEAL anything!

🦎Bali is one of my soul homes, where’s yours? I remember balance here, inner-outer feminine-masculine energies ☯️

🧞‍♀️I am a very sensual sexual being🌸I feel at home at peace with my body in my body with how I feed her dress here express her, easy IS right in this body, I devote myself to love


🫐I know after 10 years of inquiry in this body, that if food feels hard stressful addictive a struggle consuming frustrating confusing not working for you, then it’s a fad, real eating, gets to be easy simple vibrant aWakening, total yum! and NOT restrictive🥥you can have the body health joy and eat what you like … I got the key, I got the secret, I GOT THE KEY TO ANOTHER WAY …yeah (remember that song🎶☺️)

I’m a bliss babe, here to sprinkle all with the joy of LIVING…awakening as an inter-dimensional midwife giving birth to my true Self

Who are you?