Arianna Aunon, a Nutritional Expert sharing with you the healthy weight loss journey of her client, Josephine

I have some exciting encouragement to share with you amazing Woman!

I know how this healthy weight journey can beat you around, the highs lows ups downs revelations frustrations, it’s all part of it …

but when does it give, well right now if you want it too, I have an exciting story to share with you;

Josephine reached out to me after struggling for years with her weight energy stress levels fears and body confidence, having tried SO much already 

she had actually done a program of mine 5 years ago, when I was still working very mainstream nutrition

as she had continued to follow me on Instagram and see the next level I had taken my work to, now supporting my clients to get real lasting results and liberation body mind soul 

she felt the nudge again for the support from a Woman she knew she could trust and felt safe around 

She was struggling with 3 stone of excess weight, on thyroid medication 10 years plus, feeling very uncomfortable in her body, a foggy head, and held shame in her body 

having worked with me in the past, she knew I could help her, as even back then she got great results with her weight, but now it was time to do the cellular work and anchor results that last, and truly live light and relaxed within, home to soul 

commitment was a big thing for Josephine, the switch kept flicking on and then off, it was time to bust that stop-start approach, it was time to commit to herself and vision—she felt like she didn’t even have a choice

she had to take action now, otherwise maybe end up in hospital on even more meds that don’t work and just cause more weight gain more pain more worry, she was ready for an honest pure solution 

and it was this knowledge, ‘that this is different, this is what I need now, I am ready,’ that got Josephine to take that courageous action and book that complimentary Body Breakthrough call

it was this call that clarified everything for Josephine, and got her to lose the 3 stone easily, regain her energy, heal her thyroid gland, balance in her being and hormonally, and got off a decade of medication in less than 6 months

she faced her body shame and moved beyond it to body confidence and peace, magical body freedom!

she finally felt free; a new sense of lightness in her being, relaxed clear clean calm, a new beginning started to feel real, she felt this new excitement about life about her projects and the possibilities all around her

simply from booking that complimentary Body Breakthrough call, she chose fresh new healthy light clear peaceful beginnings in her body

and why we call it The Body Awakening Reset method,

the method I created after seeing such radical results in my own body, works on the whole body, balancing emotions, hormones, eating habits, losing the excess weight (for good) and toning the body, clearing the mind, and bringing peace to the soul, activating a lightness of being relaxed and clear, so you can experience the freedom you are here for

Ready for a fresh new healthy clear light beginning in your body and with yourself?

Book your complimentary Body Breakthrough call today

You CAN achieve that vision❤️

I can’t wait to see you live it!!!

Much love & warmth,