I trust my inner knowing, HERE is Health.

I haven’t always, it took intention and focus to remember, I know my truth, to centre, and to clear my body of what was obstructing my clarity certainty confidence and calm 

I didn’t know what was going to happen by going down this radical route of self love into my body through cellular purification

I just knew I had to do it, I just knew I had to trust the process, trust myself trust this body trust my inner knowing, my inner soul heart calling 

2 years ago, after 7 years of seeking, I stopped seeking, and I came to finding, what real health meant …

no longer suppressed by the high fat high protein high supplement dosing fad diets, keep adding more stuff in lie’s 

I surrendered into the unknown, into love, 

I started to deeply trust, I started to let go,

I started to transform, I started to see this life in a whole new light, a whole new perfection 

when we walk in our divine path

not following sheep mainstream internet external

we shift, we go within where health and life truly begins 

from a massive over thinker controller chaotic mind stressed anxious worrier food addict and hormonal mess 

…to feeling life so deeply, to trusting to honouring to always know my inner knowing in this temple

I faced the fear the pain the suffering head on, and I said ‘show me what you’ve got’, I know I can overcome it, I am a warrior of the light✨🔥

to no longer seek, never again will I worry about my health, as there is nothing to worry fear or stress, when the foundation for health is set, 

life takes on a whole new realm remembering bliss

I know what I know, I don’t need to know everything, embodiment, is the most powerful proof out there

when man messes with God… the acidic fad diets high this high that bs, vaccinations medication unnecessary surgery, it’s all dis-ease 

this body is the house of God, I shall bless it with whole organic alkaline foods, cellular detox, listen to her feelings, 

move her heal her hold her love her

clear the way-you will feel clear, Heaven♾Earth

whatever’s going on, it’s healable with nature🌿

Love you!