We begin in …









Gorgeous, hey, 

So excited you’ve landed on this page!

Because you know that confidence that healthy body you want, 

Well its all already inside you its all in there waiting to burst out and be all of you! 

Do you feel this inside?

Do you wonder; “why am I don’t feeling the way I want to”, and so you get really frustrated and overwhelmed with it all, because it all seems just too much sometimes to have to understand it all, what to do where to go, what diet to be on what supplement to take what detox to do what foods to eat what what what … Right!!

So this is why you’re here beauty,

simply because you know theres more

you know you can embody that healthy confident you,

but you feel like you need that women who’s been there done that and continues to do it, to be your guiding light, HI, thats mwah!

You are so in the right place love.

I totally hear you on the having to understand it all and work it all out when theres just a total overload of information out there and SO much conflicting, ahhh, where to begin! so feel you!

RIGHT HERE Beauty! this is where you can begin if you want to get that support and have that guiding light from a women who’s done her round of this, actually for the last 20 years! so I have definitely found out a thing or 2 or 3 or …, and I contiune to do the work, … discovering the things that worked for me, and have also worked for my clients, and really just dont work, and send you round in circles, thats what I found on my journey anyway, maybe you can resonate.

Healthy Body Confident You,

…has been created to clear the way for you, to make your life easier, to take the pressure off, so you can find the relief you want (I know I wanted that too, just to be able to breath, it felt like, to know I was on the right track…)

…I created HBCY for women like you that know theres more to this body thing, and healthy journey, that know they must be able to feel better than they do now, that want a clear honest path that will give lasting healthy results and that’s sustainable, a journey that can even benefit the whole family in a super beautiful way.

What changed everything for me, was a detox lifestyle, now that doesnt mean you spend your life 24/7 detoxing, no definitely not, that is not what its about,

…here in HBCY I’ve created a 40 day journey that sets a nourishing liberating foundation to set you up for life, that will anchor in real permanent shifts and set you up for a Healthy life in your body, that feels easy and fun, and for you to feel confident and free in your body clothes expression and food choices.

The hiding the numbing has to stop, 

and I know you feel this Beautiful,

because otherwsie yoiu wouldn’t be here now reading this


You can’t keep numbing your feelings your body your dreams your purpose your knowing your life with that food and the self-destructive relationship you have with your body, the caffeine the sugar carbs any longer


it’s been to long now since you truly felt like you, the HEALTHY CONFIDENT you – that you deserve to fully feel, and you know things MUST change, they have to, you can’t go on like this anymore, it’s killing you inside!


the joy the happiness the health the feeling of actually feeling in your body confident free empowered 

in who you are, 

it is all real

and this is why you can 

think it dream it …

Because it’s all possible 


it’s already waiting for you

but you have to clear the way to receive it 

to receive that sacred upgrade in your body, because the next level you seek, 

it’s within you right now

It’s ready right now

To be birthed through

To be awakened through you


So what if you let go … you trusted the process you allowed yourself to be guided and you listened to your body … what if you found yourself here, on the path that took you back to you-into you, back to the remembrance of your heart your soul of radical self-love 


The truth is … you know you can heal, because its built into you, even if you dont consciously know it, you were born a healer of you own body … naturally you are a healer, we all are …

so what’s stopping you, what’s holding you back, what’s in your way? 

Love, what is it?

you have to get out of your own way here, 

all the fears limitations stories playing small letting food control you, the past the mistakes the doubts the lack of commitment the fear of change 







BELIEVE. and you shall RECEIVE.

You chose to be here on planet earth, 

you chose everything …


ditch the old now, let it go, 

say thank you,

but I’ve got this,

and get excited about birthing

your NEXT LEVEL you.

Cna you feel her, I CAN, shes so ready … 


Yes. Now. BEAUTY.

It’s time to live that divinely empowered liberated life of ease in your body mind and emotions, and let that true soul light you are, surface and dispel all darkness as you return to your truth of 


A Health body

A Confident you

Living free. 

YES Gorgeous …

I know you feel it …

Dont second guess yourself, and go with the excitement of what is around the corner for you, when you honour the calling of your body to heal …


Dear one, you MATTER

What you KNOW 

deep inside 

that is possible for you 



But, you have to listen and act-

to embody it!


Ready for the most liberated healthy life in a healthy happy body where you feel that confidence is your natural state?


She’s ready for …

her RE-volution 

her RE-surrection 

her RE-awakening 


No more hiding 

No more numbing

No more playing small

No more waiting 


It’s your time to shine

It’s your time to feel heal and blossom

It’s your time to expand 


…let yourself be free now, 

free to be herself, free to have her-story, free to have it all in her healthy confident body that is ready to rise higher and be more and embody her TRUTH. 


It’s your sacred GOD given birthright to thrive in joy bliss happiness health peace in your body temple …












Look what I birthed for you Beautiful!


Brand New Live Online Program

with Award-Winning
Womens Health Thyroid & Detox Coach & Specialist

Arianna Aunon
…empowering you will the tools to your Health FREEDOM!

40 days to Embrace a Healthy Body & Confident You, Resetting your thyroid to Embody Energised, Slim, Clear & Emotionally Balanced 

Live Empowered, Free & Awaken Your Truth.

Healthy & Confident

40 days

10 Live Video Modules for life

Exclusive Women only private group

PDF Handouts and protocols to keep 

Arianna live in the group supporting your personal journey! 

Live Q&A in group

this will all be taking place online in our private safe healthy uplifting facebook group, where you will receiving all your live trainings that will also be emailed to you and yours for LIFE

Plus you will receive my most powerful healing health protcols and handsouts to support your journey, making sure you have everything you need to get the results you desire.

I will be in the group daily answering any personal questions you have, I’ll be guiding you and supporting you all the way, so you not only have a group of amazing women also on the journey with you daily keeping you accountable, but you also have my energy holding space and being that guiding light to help you along your way in the most graceful embracing way!

Everything will be recorded so if you cant make it live you can catch it when you can, so its super flexible and accessible for you no matter what your lifestyle is, I wanted this to be available and easy for you.

THE RESULT of this program can be a totally transformed body, mindset emotions and physical wellbeing, 40 days is a total reset, its beyond, into a space within that anchors in healthy change and releases habits patterns toxins and allows for you to reset the body to a fresh new healthy you that is clear confident and calm

… READY TO LIVE your HHEALTHY libetaring life as all of you!

Are you ready Gorgeous?


It’s your time to shine

She’s ready for …

her RE-volution 

her RE-surrection 

her RE-awakening 


Say yes to HEALTHY BODY CONFIDENT YOU today, and get early access to the facebook group, as well as your HBCY bonus pre-training to get you aligned activated and ready to rise!

I’ll share with a process that has literally allowed me to release all my old stuck energy and emotions from my lower body, which means total liberation and freedom to rise higher in the body and health, but also in your souls mission! ITS EPIC!!!

You will feel your heart open like never before, its LIFE-CHANGING!! and this means healthy circulation hormones energy flowing focus increased major happiness and freedom BOOST!!

Plus I will be answering your questions! This training alone is worth the investment of this entire live program!


It’s happening Friday, JULY 31st! Sign up today to join me live!

Say yes today and claim your place with one easy upfront payment or a start-for-less payment plan now! Healthy Body Confident You kicks off on July 31st, and all details + FB group invite will go out before that. Yes, there is live FB group support from me! Yay, cant wait to meet you and support you!

Say yes today and claim your place in HBCY as a VIP PLUS:

    • Get 7 days of 1:1 whatsapp messaging / audio support to receive the bespoke health guidance that my private clients get to accelerate their radical Health and body Confidence results!

VIP options of one easy upfront payment or a start-for-less payment plan now! HBCY kicks off on July 31st, and all details FB group invite will go out before that. Yes, there is live FB group support from me! Yay! I can’t wait to meet you and support you.



Absolutely Lovely, here you go,

I’m going to be sharing with you the most transformative tools prcocess’s methods and protocols that have over and over again proven to be the most liberating journey for myself and so many of my amaizng clients, 

I want you to to get excatly what you need, so once you’re in our exclusive private facebook group you’ll also receive my live support throughout the 8 weeks, so this way it will have a bespoke feel to it, as you are supported every step with incredibly powerful transformative weekly live content and my expert wise eyes on your journey to help you accelerate to healthy and confident

… wait and see how this all ripples out into so many areas of your life as well 😉

Everything starts in the body!

MODULE 1: You install a belief system that locks in healthy forever!

Anchoring in a freedom mindset that will set you free for forever as you remember your true state of being and feeling, that is effortless and calm in your body and emotions.FREEDOM.

MODULE 2 : Clean healthy eating becomes effortless and easy! Energised is your natural state Now!

A way of eating living preparing creating that removes all stress all confusion all frustration and anchors in a groudned clean vibrant plant food way to a healthy body and a happy life!

MODULE 3 : A total BODY Thyroid Emotional reset, you will enter a new paradigm in your body  

Liberating fasting journeys will take you on a magic carpet home to your source of simplicity, where 3D life drops away and you exit the drama and madness and come home to serenity in your-self, your-true-self, feel the reste the rejuvenation the re-awakeing of the bliss inside you!

MODULE 4 : HEALTHY becomes your new normal 

Cellular detoxfication becomes a way of living, but its not what you think, oh no, this path is that of the empoweed detox Goddess, she lives free empowered wide awake in her body, living a quantum life of soveriegnity that allows her to effortlessly embody pure health whilslt still embracing all of life food relationships and experienecs, this is about living and evolving,

…and here you will BE just that!

…a sacred evolution to your next level body life and BEingness!

MODULE 5 : CONFIDENT is your natural state of being

Its movement, music, dance, release let go and awaken, through the body you will rise higher and feel your truth blossom through you inot your life, as your inner-Warrior woman awakens more and more, you feel this new energy called CONFIDENCE, called YOU, thats emenates out of every part of you inot your life,

…and you are felt seen heard!

…as you feel you, see you, hear you, the true-self appears, more alive more ready, a powerful feminine woman rising up into your TRUTH!


MODULE 6 : Clearing cleasning detoxing the way to ignite enternal peace and freedom 




…its simply back to natures rhythms of earths medicine at her most freeing, herbs plants shamanic frequencies sacred light language – a body awakening reset – a RE-BIRTH into your aliveness of health and beauty,

blossoming FREE from your womb heart and crown!

MODULE 7 : You return home to your heart space, to more ease 

HEART OPENING bliss, as you feel her open, you feel you come more deeply home to you, a true-self awakening as your breath release rekindle radical self-love, YOU, all of you fully …

see the PINK hibiscus flower burst out of your heart as you say yes to you and yes to LIFE!

Feel the layers drop away away

and from here you breath deep again

…breathing the light of your spirit back into you as you, and light prevails all, as you retrun home to you sacredness, authenticity true expression of LOVE

…hormones-RE-set, weight-sheds, energy-elevates, mind-clears, peace-prevails, truth-is-FREEDOM

MODULE 8 : Weight-loss energy clarity is all blossoming now!

Activating all your senses and energy centres to relaign your entire body physically emotionally and mentally, so,

YOU know you are safe in your body

You know your are free in your body

You know you have the power to heal it all and RISE beauty!

MODULE 9 : Embodiment of your true-self awakens 

Embody your healthiest self here as you emerge clean cleanse detoxed purified at soul level, there is no deep awakening, you said yes to your sacred intiation and HERE your RE-ssurect to your natural birthright of HEALTH FREEDOM …

YOU feel your power your joy your freedom ground inot your cells, and you wake up fresh new true-to-you,

Voice, throat, mantras, to alchemise your highest truth now, and set you free to fly as your the divine feminine you are.

MODULE 10 : You remember who you are FULLY & Completely, A Goddess of Health Freedom, whole pure and expressed 

SHE is crowned, back in her rightful place on her rose embelished body. fully home. fully alive in her cells. embracing a life of freedom as starst within the body which is a temple, a temple regenerated back to divine health divine confidence, gentle pure exiting loving all awakens now, as you live your truth Beautiful.

Fully detox lifestyle template activation at a cellular level, so your are imprinted with sacred geometry of health and live cofident free and cmpowered in ALL you do be and have.


Ready Queen?

RE-awaken, RE-member & RE-ssurect into divine HEALTH >>>

 It’s happening Friday, July 31st! Sign up today to join me live!


OK, this is it!

Ready for FREEDOM!

I’m Arianna Aunon, an Award-Winning Womens Health Thyroid & Detox Coach and specialist in natures solutions, with a near decade of research knowledge wisdom and experience within me …

I work with amazing women; busy mamas entrepreneurs business coaches healers heakth coachs writers agents of change, like you, who want to feel their best and know theres more to this health thing … and yes, totally with you on this, there sure is more to it!

I’m currently living all over world, Ibiza at the mo, an absolute lover of the ocean, our sacred earth, nature, travel, singing dancing, being my best self, always working on my next level, growth and evolution all the way is me, expansion and super-abundant quantum living, a total plant-food health enthusiast and natural health advocate 🙂

After many many years of going around in fad diet and excessive exercise circles trying to sort out my own health and endless list of symptoms, feeling lost inside, always doing, running away from myself, giving away my power, and getting trapped in societies mistruths around the body and what health is.

I FINALLY – said YES to myself! not stop till I found the truth on this healthy body and confidence thing, and to awakening to my true self once again, that little girl who felt so free in the Devon fields, to just be herself, and now, well, here we are – FREEDOM FOR US ALL IS AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW, you just have to say YES to you Beautiful!

I have healed my endless list of symptoms, all naturally, and all fully, they haven’t returned, and I now get to inspire motivate educate and empower women like you to do the same, and live a life full of body liberation love and inner-peace.

Listen –

I know you have this burning desire inside you to simply feel and embody health, love your body and be confidnet in who you are, I know you dream about just feeling that deep inner-peace and freedom in your body, where you radiate confidence, where you can just spread your wings and fly …

…that yearning wont stop within you to be more of yourself, to keep growing, healing, learning more about YOU, I know, because this is how I felt too!..and still do … and why I love what I do!

THIS is the blessing, of the divine, calling you home,

What will you answer …

I am here to guide you, and would love to show you what I found, its pretty fucking EPIC!!



Say yes to Healthy Body Confident You today, and get early access to the facebook group, as well as your HBCY bonus live training!


It’s happening Friday, July 31st! Sign up today to join me live!

Don’t just take my word for it, see what some of my clients are saying below about their results in Vibrant Body …

‘This programme has been increible, I never thought I could shift my relationship with food so easily”

“I didn’t quite know what to expect from this journey, Arianna’s words just really resonated with me and I felt so sure it was the right step for me. And oh gosh yes it was! I never thought I could so easily shift my relationship with food. Two weeks in I had already adapted my breakfast and dinner meals to something that felt SO good and nourishing and sustaining. And I saw my body change in the mirror without really being focused on “losing weight”. I’m so loving this! I feel so much lighter and so secure in my food choices. What made this possible for me was Arianna’s INCREDIBLE heartfelt support. I felt so supported, so encouraged, so beautifully held in this period of transitioning. Thank you so much Arianna.”

Kathleen, S.

“Perfect for people who think they’ve tried everything and its not delivered…”

“I signed up to work with Ariana because after four years of feeling great, the weight was creeping back on and I couldn’t seem to shift it using the methods that had worked before.  I’d say this programme is perfect for people who think they’ve tried everything and its not delivered the results they are after, for those who are vegan curious, or are ready to try something new thats plant-based, but want to know how to do it properly.  

It’s a great experience for those who have an open mind and want to view their food choices from a whole new perspective.  The programmes are well supported and contain enough material to keep you going long after the course is over.  Thanks Arianna for being courageous enough to stand out from the crowd and to offer something powerfully different in the sea of confusion and frustration that is the food and nutrition industry.  Im looking forward to seeing where this journey leads next.”

Wendy, P. The Conscious Change Consultancy

“I want to share how great a journey I had with Vibrant Body Energy Aligned. I experienced a lot of support from Arianna and a lot of insights on how to detox, eat plant-based, and so much more.🌸Thank You Arianna🌸”

Jessica, Van Ast - T, VIP client

Say yes today and claim your place with one easy upfront payment or a start-for-less payment plan now! Healthy Body Confident You kicks off on July 31st, and all details + FB group invite will go out before that. Yes, there is live FB group support from me! Yay! Super excited to  meet you and support you live

Say yes today and claim your place in HBCY as a VIP PLUS:

  • Get 7 days of 1:1 whatsapp messaging / audio support to receive the bespoke health guidance that my private clients get to accelerate their health and body confidence results

VIP options of one easy upfront payment or a start-for-less payment plan now! HBCY kicks off on July 31st, and all details FB group invite will go out before that. Yes, there is live FB group support from me! Yay! I can’t wait to meet you and support you



40 days to Embrace a Healthy Body & Confident You, Resetting your Thyroid to Embody Energised, Slim, Clear & Emotionally Balanced-Live Empowered Free & Awaken Your Truth

Healthy Body Confident You

Is your new normal!

I’m so excited to share this journey with you x


Arianna X