When we’ve been drinking caffeine alcohol, feeding the body acidic stimulating foods like meat salt processed oils soya for years, decades, the adrenals suffer greatly, and without proper healing of these glands, weight will continue to fluctuate and gain, the body needs to reduce stress internally by alkalising the system and implementing nourishing supportive lifestyle shifts that support you to relax and cope with stress by clearing the body of obstruction within. I’ve been healing mine for years, we have to start somewhere if we are to live a life liberated, calm and at peace in this body, really giving this body what she needs to feel her best, for you to feel your best, and be your best self.

You can lose that stubborn weight, and you can feel healthy vibrant and confident when these precious glands are taken care of, then they take care of you, and your hormones are happy, and so are you x

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You CAN heal it all!

Arianna🌿Health Goddess x