It was the root to everything, at 5 years old, trauma lay deep in my cellular memory, which lead to the deep suffering I experienced in this body 

the deep struggle with my body image, with accepting myself, I starved myself for a year, just eating 200 calories a day, looking at myself in the mirror hating what I saw, still feeling fat at under 5 stone 

I was so confused and alone, I didn’t know what was happening, but I couldn’t stop it 

the severe social anxiety, I feared being seen my voice heard, for fear of being found out punished shamed on, as I was so ashamed, this was all unconscious running my life 

then the hormonal imbalances, under functioning thyroid gland, immune dysfunction, liver toxicity, adrenal imbalance, communication shut down

the trauma that sat in my sacral chakra my sexual organs was also suppressing my voice my power my truth, both areas are connected 

then the sexual guilt, the fear of pleasure, the control that took over, the addictions the escape through stimulants the fear of feeling

but I found away, I overcame it, I healed it all, clearing the way of the toxic trauma, it’s also absolute treasure, the witnessing the facing of my trauma has been my greatest liberation to living my truth, to unraveling my core power 

this healing, allowed me to access my creativity, my joy my bliss, to commune with God, to trust myself, to come home to my feminine flow and embrace all that deeply pleasures and nourishes my feminine body

trauma healing is a gateway to the most beautiful awakening, but it takes courage support gentleness pure love patients, a tenderness self-compassion forgiveness

the holy words; 

I forgive you, 

as I forgive myself

It was tough, I am not saying it happens over night, this is a full Yes To Our Freedom

my soul simply wouldn’t allow me to ignore this truth, and so I continued the journey, until I felt the shift, as true self-love ignited in me

I came home to my purity, 

to the innocence

and I healed my body with pure devotion to living my best freest life

unshackled from the past the illusions the pain 

I love you❤️