A week ago I had a reaction that came through, I hadn’t reacted like this for a long while, I sent a text to a dear one, as I felt I had to express it to someone I knew was awakened. When I share with another the healing is always so much greater and accelerates my growth. what came through me was this unhappiness, the owning off this was a catalyst to shift me to my next level frequency, after 1 week, I tapped into it on a whole other level in another dimension, living in multi-dimensions all at once, have been forever, now I see what came through me was collective, yet I had to be honest with where that unhappiness was playing out in my life, what’s out there is a reflection of what’s in you, it was triggering something in me, to be released and free up more space within to elevate, as I chose not to ignore it and face it, I saw my reaction alchemise fear to love, as I witnessed my own inner pain, and shifted suffering to FREEDOM, this allowed the collective energy to also be achemised within my temple of god-goddess. When you can stay open trusting aware conscious to you as playing all parts, then you become fearlessly powerful in practicing the alchemical process available to us all, to let go and transmute lower vibrations in your body, and I know if my body was still full of toxicity I wouldn’t be where I am right now on my path of transformation and self-realization. So powerful, to own whatever it is, and not run or hide from that fear unhappiness pain stress unworthiness undeservedness, you can overcome anything with an honest heart, it’s likely to feel vulnerable, abs that’s OK, it’s all part of the process to awakening more and coming more into your true Self, rock n roll baby, releasing all shame and welcoming a gateway to open for you that calls you home to inner-peace and freedom.

What can you be honest about right now? …that maybe you’ve been ignoring




Tune in.

Turn on.

Go within. 

Love you!🌹

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