no you are not

From a young age I always wanted the best,
I knew what quality was and I knew I deserved it

As the years went on after being called greedy as a little girl growing up,
this programmed me to believe that
if I desire something I am greedy,
that I am a bad person for wanting more
for wanting the best

We can be grateful for what we have
and still have more 😍

We are here to experience a rich life
full of vibrant health love
and so much beauty and ease

You were born with very high self-worth
we all were, then crushed down by others beliefs and programming around us

Trust your hearts desires
they are real
they are the most real thing there is!

being a good girl, pleasing others,
here’s where I spiraled down in my late teens-20s, maybe you can relate,
not wanting to seem greedy or ‘too much’
I remember dimming my light to make others feel comfortable,

greed is just aspiration – without the trust,

its not bad, sure there’s some people on our planet abusing it, but not you and me

It’s ok to dream
It’s ok to desire
It’s ok to want more
that’s why you are here
as a creator of your dream
Not someone’s else’s

desire to feel soooo good,
to be well,
to be the best version of you,
and know you can have it,
it’s your #truth

I remember for years I just wanted to feel vibrant healthy confident and sexy in my body, and I held that dream and vision
and created it,
you can to

So trust that desire you have
because that desire is real
that desire is a wish from your sacred heart
of the universe
your soul yearning to break free from the limitations and false templates
to be more
rise into more

Live your highest body frequency
of who you came here to be
in this body

You can think it
because you can have it,
the divine would not let you think it
unless you could have it

Dream it
Trust it
Act on it
Live it
Be You

super abundance is your natural state of being, own your body desires, and they will become your reality

what are your body desires for 2020? Comment below and let me know,
I see you.

You absolutely can feel amazing in your body and live your dreams!

Health and happiness is your birthright x


Arianna x