Why do I call myself the Health Goddess, because I know that everything starts inside this body temple (or even more specific, everything starts inside our organs glands gut nervous system) … that is the path home to the God-Goddess, to remembering our divinity, our power, our fearlessness, our strength, our true Self

I decided about 3 years ago that I would fully commit to myself, to radical self-love, that I would honour my dreams and the journey towards them, that I would face any fear/resistance directly in the eye, and move past it, whatever it took, I was all in

I had to heal my nervous system, clear out the gunk in my glands, de-tox that liver of judgement control imprints, flush those kidneys of fear m, and clean that spleen and gut of low self-worth and struggle 

… alkalising her … there’s a different way … 

Embrace your soul’s calling, trust the knowing of your heart. birth the vision you hold for yourself. 

giving up, is not an option! 

You me both know that! 

You are the gift💝

Your HEARTS knowing 

is way more powerful than any logic

I found this shift hard to trust, but when I did, WOW, I found out there is an easier way to health freedom, body peace, LISTEN to the heart, not logic thinks!

Challenge it. Challenge yourself.

So, what’s your highest ideal? 

…mines Heaven on Earth

the birthing process can be messy, we all know that whether you’re birthing a beautiful babe, a business, a project … shit happens, stuff comes up, but the truth is, we can get through anything together

I’m feeling this sacred chapter on our planet, for me NOW it’s all about courageously caring for what I stand for in this moment, unity, self-love, health freedom, TRUTH, and letting go of what is old toxic, and honouring the beauty of change

…that nature alway so gracefully displays so effortlessly, there’s the true feminine, to master the art of effortlessness in this body, and YEAH! we can girl!

…and here we remember hard is a lie, struggle is a lie, disease is a lie, 


easy is right, well-BEing is truth, VIBRANT health is real.