Are you giving your body the best food so you can feel your best and live love life fully?

I always remember simply just wanting to know what food I needed when, for food to be easy delicious healthy simple, not a distraction drama worry fear or battle everyday 

the question that percolated through my being daily back then was …

How can I eat what I want, and also feel at peace with myself, be my ideal weight, and feel a deep loving connection with my body? 

It wasn’t till nearly a decade later, that I understood the how so deeply, and what I want to share with you today

It was to find a way that makes balancing the acidic foods with the alkaline foods easy and enjoyable, creating a way of eating that fully supports you feeling your best 

Acidic/Mucus foods like…


Alkaline/Mucus-free-lean foods like…


when this simple yet deeply powerful shift is implemented within your food choices, a powerful body wisdom is switched on, as the body is cleared, you get to truly hear what’s best for your body and you

no longer being led by what your habits emotions head thoughts cravings parasites are asking for

but a clear realization awakens, when we address the pH truth of this body, the excess weight sluggishness emotional eating stress medication all drops away

food doesn’t have to be a worry a fear, or an addiction anymore, through the eating of more alkaline/mucus free lean foods…like herbs veggies fruits, coconut sweet potato pumpkin salad mango berries dates vibrant raw dips sauces mucus-lean grains spelt millet curry pizza sushi

You get to go at your pace and truly ground a way of eating that feels so uplifting and freeing to your soul

It’s not about being 100% clean all the time, we are human, it’s about balance, the ocean teaches us this, we ebb we flow

it’s about clearing what’s causing the health dramas, and creating health freedom, this is what our TBAR method does for you Beauty!

What alkaline food have you eaten today? 

I love you!❤️ 

Arianna x