Did you know that the food industry is full of shit?

I look out onto this sacred planet as a witness an observer, having been on such a fucking radical healing journey myself, I came to understand a few things and see many gaps and what’s really going on

Listening to what’s out there, tv adverts media it’s all an agenda to keep you sick struggling and on medication, 

also, getting totally wrapped up with so-called ‘information overload’ ‘analysis paralysis’ – a family tradition, what you grew up eating, what was food even to you … what does it mean to you? 

there is so much to unravel here (I could write another book – this was all part of my journey!)

we are in an age of a lot of BS information – for true health, true freedom, TRUE liberation awakening in this body, the weight-loss you want, you have to shift to focus to EMBODIMENT, to take physical clearing action to realign-and-heal the body hormones balance

I use to read diet book after diet book, go to health shops daily looking for the next ‘so called’ miracle supplement, believe I had to do super exhausting exercise regimes to be fit, constantly at the doctors getting blood tests after blood test…

(which never gave me ANY clarity or certainty, just more confusion if I’m honest, and why I stopped going to the doctors and having any kind of blood stool saliva testing over 5 years ago) expecting help, getting nothing, cause it’s never been the way to true health!

Breaking down some of the food matrices:

  • Drinking liters of water for hydration (water doesn’t hydrate, HC fruits & veggies do, too much water flushes the kidneys (life-force) = kidney filtration issues so back up of lymphatic waste which can lead to weight gain exhaustion fear stress stimulant cravings)
  • Eating to many high protein foods (amino acids are what we need, not dense animal proteins, or to much plant proteins, it’s about pH, not macronutrients, an aligned healthy lifestyle will naturally give you everything you need for lifelong health ONCE the body has been cleaned cell deep, then it can absorb fully and you can THRIVE 
  • Putting/cooking oil over everything (oil is not a superfood, it doesn’t matter if its avocado sesame olive, whatever, to much oil in the human body leads to suppression of feelings, emotional overload, clogged up liver digestion and acidic organs, best oils are from wholefoods and not to many, this leads physical and emotional liberation!)

…and sure, why listen to me … firstly, I know if you’re into my vibe, you’ll just have that inner sacral knowing, ‘this rings truth’, plus I don’t just blah blah blah information, I live breath embody what I preach

…after nearly 2 decades of ill-health; chronic digestive upset anxiety stress addictions thyroid issues autoimmune dis-ease weight fluctuations exhaustion parasites infections mucus build-up over-acidity, eating healthy-ish vegan (what I thought to be) — I got lost in thinking being disconnected exhausted foggy stressed reacting low self-esteem lacking confidence shame in my body was normal … cause everyone seems to be going through it on some level …

UNTIL I was shown a different way, and why I created our BAR method, it’s for powerful courageous women who are here with a huge purpose, who are done with the shit shifting through the nutrition diet world and WANT TRUTH, done with an excess weight holding them back, and ready to LIVE life, not just exist, a way that doesn’t just work, but gets results that last!

It’s a different way, but really, I SEE IT AS COMING HOME TO TRUTH in this body, no more searching seeking reading wondering where the fuck is the real deal that’s going to work for me

to me, this way is the ROYAL way, its remembering that it gets to be easier, and you get to feel amazing in your body

NO matter how much you’ve tried, this way works for any woman ready to get the results she dreams about in her body, it’s SO exciting! 

Anything is possible.



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