“I  had come to an absolute point of not recognizing who I was. Not for a while but for years. My weight and emotional eating had brought such anxiety and misery.

I have hypothyroidism and had been swallowing medication for 13 years, ignoring it because I didn’t know what to do – didn’t know how to change it. At the start I had seen thyroid experts as I tried to tackle it organically, later on I saw a doctor and he simply said..”I have 3 little words for you.Eat Less Food.” I wasn’t eating much at the time and it hurt and was patronizing and I felt weak and vulnerable that I let it offend me when I’d been in such control of my life. In my overwhelm and getting depressed I laid it to rest for a while.

None of it sat well with me and there was a war raging inside me. Roll on 13 years… I am alone geographically from support with huge 24/7 responsibilities and little time. I hear about Arianna and my ears prick up. Without investing in myself, and spending more than I was comfortable with, it wouldn’t have given me the power to stick to this. I knew how much I wanted it, but just couldn’t break these habits, they were old habits now.”

”I now feel reset after years lost in my own mind. It delved so much deeper than just food in an enjoyable and enriching way. Arianna is authentic and this was the switch that finally allowed me to put my trust in someone.

She has another level of wisdom and knowledge to specialists and nutritionists I’ve met, a bigger picture that brings you back to your true self. I trusted her and I am off thyroid medication I have been on for 14 toxic years, have lost 4 stone in weight and am literally glowing. I cannot thank you enough vibrant, healthy, wonderful woman 🙏🏽💛🙌🏼 X Emma”

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