It took me over a decade to truly understand health, to embody healthy lasting weight-loss and have truly balanced happy hormones so I could thrive at my best and feel my best

all without fad dieting popping supplements all day, no medication, and without burning out through excessive exercise

because none of this works long-term, maybe a few temporary results but nothing lasting, it’s frustrating love, I know, I totally understand as I’ve been there too 

no more bandaids, but a real solution, a real method based in truth is our freedom tool to a bright beautiful mindful conscious happy enlightened life 

I had to challenge everything I heard out there amongst all the industries merely promoting nonsense to keep people sick and paying into bullshit that doesn’t work

when it comes to health, I am part of the 1% of our planet grounded in nutrition TRUTH, no other specie then the human species believes they all need different diets, we don’t

when the human temple is purified, THEN will it tell us what it honestly needs and wants, it’s freedom my darling, and way easier then your mind is telling you

It was always my calling to bring pure truth to the world on health, I had to purify cell deep to open up to the truth channel I am, this really landed 4 years ago, after already 6 years of deep inquiry into nutrition and detox 

and now bring, no not scientific papers with lots of numbers and bullshit nonsense, when 90% of health claims put through trials are set up rigged to keep you sick 

that’s not what I’m about, I actually truly care about you, about you getting a real solution that delivers, not, if it will, it will, I can guarantee it 

I went way beyond to ground a method a process, a foundation that liberates us

we have to understand this human body at a cellular energetic spiritual emotional mental and physical level – holistically (Wholly) to understand true health 

No one needs to spend their life worrying about their health, hoping it’ll work, no my love, incredible woman, learn a simple efficient solution anchored in truth and live truly empowered!

Love you♥️

Ari x