Ariann Aunon and how fruit sugar saved her life

But it’s sugar?! But it’s actually the most healing nectar of all, it’s gods nectar, it’s the soma, it’s the juice that awakens the healthiest most liberated body EVER when used in healing protocol and balance.

Of course, the food industry has feed BS ‘fruit sugar is bad’ ‘don’t have too much’ ‘oh, but a fried steak is fine, or eggs on toast, or a glass of milk or a cup of coffee’ ‘don’t eat fruit if you have candida or are diabetic it’s all total nonsense — seek the truth!

My journey taught me much, but one thing it really drummed into me was, bought me home to, is truth, and to not believe things too much, don’t cling too much to a certain way, don’t believe the hype …

I spent 35 days just eating fruit drinking fruit and that’s it, I became a new embodied human being, totally transformed, totally alive, in absolute flow with life, at peace relaxed connected grounded clear clean pure

I started to remember so much, so many veils dropped and I started to massively wake up, and I thought I was awake, I proved to myself, there was more, there always is another level to go 

I went into that live real-life experiment feeling foggy exhausted lacking confidence self-esteem, feeling unclear some stress craving a lot of carbs fats caffeine stimulant addiction, that I made normal 

I came out the other end, a changed woman, it was a total reset on my entire cellular body, I realized, this is the work, and I say that, 

…cause so many resist it, make excuses, why they can’t do it, just bought a new car, going on holiday, need to see data, its all unconscious fear running the show, catch it, take back your vision your joy your peace your truth of FREEDOM 

I definitely felt resistance, honesty I was like what am I doing, but the calling was so clear so strong, to ignore it was ignorance to me 

So I embraced it, I didn’t take a month off business it clients or living, no, I continued everything, sure flow changed, but if you want to change, things have to change, all is such a GREAT way, positive activations 

It was during this time I did my second retreat, called in high-paying soul clients, took my vision to the next level, took my body-life to its next level…

whilst leaning into the nerves of change and the unknown void within myself, it was deeply scary at the same time deeply exciting, and liberating, leaning into the be-coming of your next level Self … come on! 

Fruit has given me a whole new outlook on life, as it assisted in cleansing out what no longer severed me, hydrated my body cell deep, boundless energy creation joy alignment all upgraded, all symptoms went, and have not returned! 

It just gets better and better, more and more clarity

Fruit when understood and worked with correctly brings you home to who you really are – powerful centered grounded clear worthy free sovereign certain pure light bright and at peace 

It’s part of our sacred medicine process as well as many other delicious foods- in The BAR method, it’s life-body awakening, available for all who want to fully LIVE this SACRED LIFE❤️