No. Fruit sugar is not bad or unhealthy. It’s a powerhouse for your hormones and for resetting the body back to harmony and freedom.

Fruit sugar awakens your body. Your energy. Your clarity. Your truth. Your bliss. Your life.

Last week I spent a few days mono juice fasting and dry fasting, I love doing regularly cellular resets on my biology, giving attention to this body is everything for freedom #selflovealways

I love the foundation I have created for myself and my clients through The Body Awakening Method, no more worries about health ever again, the foundation is everything!

Have you mono fruit juice or fruit fasted before?

It always amazes me the grace of this fast, when you first begin fasting can be uncomfortable, like anything new, you know, but that soon goes,
as you realise the liberation, the peace the grounded love energy that flows through you
and heals you

Mono-juicing can radically accelerate your healing when a transition has been anchored in place, so the body is being supported before and after, essential for lasting results

Lasting health requires a foundation, get this in place and never worry about health ever again, imagine this, you get to feel totally supported and nourished, here is freedom and confidence on this radiant journey.

What does your nutrition foundation look like?

To freedom ♥️