It can be enjoyable, easy exciting for you!

let’s get EXCITED about this healing journey … it’s the greatest Joy of all to live in a healthy vibrant peaceful body, as this ripples out to all …

when we support the body with a foundation of nutrition that alkalizes the system, this supports you emotionally mentally physically to implement and integrate with more ease as the body will no longer be craving the acidic foods causing the weight gain exhaustion stress depression and feelings that being up body hate 

It’s only the acidic environment🍪☕️🧀🍔🍕🍣🍳🍰🍾🥖🥩that keeps wanting acid that feeds discomfort🦋An alkaline environment 🍇🍍🫐🍌🍠🥥🌽🫒🥬🥙🥗🍵🍝will guide you home to body comfort peace and ease 

the Bespoke programs I create here at The Body Awakening are for people who want life-long health, who want a sustainable liberating foundation to live their best life from, physically emotionally mentally spiritually, who want balance, and to truly enjoy life in this temple 

we are not about quick fixes, because there aren’t any, true health freedom comes from addressing the cellular body, and setting a foundation

No foundation = temporary moments of kinda feeling Ok, but not really, BUT, A Yes to a Foundation = VIBRANT ALIVE HEALTH Longevity, AND that means after decades of carrying excess weight exhaustion stress around with you, you can finally reclaim your energy clarity, body happiness and glowing health, in as little as 5 weeks huge shifts take place with a real foundation 

*using The Body Awakening Reset method…

💎you can shift any amount of excess weight, nothing is too much for me to help you with 

💎you can reclaim that boundless energy, & feel it stabilize & sustain 

💎you can remember clarity focus motivation, & see this feed your vision & purpose 

💎you can feel calm & peaceful with your body, yourself, in your clothes, and your voice 

💎you can Be happy & excited about life & being in your feminine body 

💎you can get off ANY amount of medication fully & completely, with zero side effects, & feel the BEST you’ve EVER felt in your body mind & soul

It’s possible.

Freedom time Beauty!

love always,