Metabolism theory🧬
I decided to challenge this theory, it’s a very misinformed misleading doctrine, to say we need to constantly replace protein for vitality for health for strength through eating lots of protein sources meat eggs fish dairy beans … simply isn’t true

the human body doesn’t need much protein, it runs of real sugar, the body needs amino acids which come from our plants fruits veggies seeds nuts and some mucus lean grains, not the meats eggs, here protein is a problem on the hormones

essential piece around metabolism is to clear the body of obstruction, the layers of toxins this body holds is varst, this body requires maintenance and cellular cleanse of optimal healthy hormones

and why I have created a method that effortlessly infuses your lifestyle with gentle or deep cellular cleansing, from this place we can embody the most vibrant nourishing wellbeing clarity flexibility strength and vibrancy

…avoiding the root is avoiding reclaiming your health, when I really absorbed this everything changed and I fully recovered my health🔥

metabolism is a very wriggle doctrine and is not to get lost in, it can all be reset through focusing on the root which is to clear the inner terrain cellular body and alkalise with a clear nutritional foundation and understanding in place to support

ALL hormones reset and balance and here you will feel more balanced and reset too☯️

happy healthy hormones come from a happy healthy clean body scape, it all starts within love!

this journey of freedom is yours!

warmth & love♥️