For so long I lived bloated, tired, sensitive to so many foods, I would go out with quite a flat tummy, but by the end of the night I would look pregnant with twins,

It became so normal to be bloated, and my period was beyond – I was so swollen, huge,
I felt horrible,

(Everyone will tell you fruit sugar is the problem, fruit sugar is never the problem, the fat, protein and food combing is❗️)

It all made me so uncomfortable, it would stop me doing so much, because I just felt urgh in my body, it depleted my confidence, happiness, motivation, focus, peace – all this was disrupted and my life suffered, and I was unable to show up fully,

and I know there’s so many women struggling with this too, I see you and hear you, and you’re not alone

I found out being bloated and even more bloated during my period was not normal, none of it,

because now I live totally free from any kind of bloating and even on my period I am not bloated, zero! I barely even feel I’m having one, it’s a breeze now – this is such heaven,
none of us have to suffer !

we can heal everything
whatever is going on for you right now, it’s healable

no one ever knew what was going on,
I just got handed probiotics, told to eat more protein, less carbs, more fermented foods and to take a ton of acidic supplements –
because for sure I was deficient ?!!

I wasn’t deficient – I WAS TOXIC!

most are walking around drunk the whole time, due to fermentation, you know that kind of hangover feeling you get in the morning, or a heaviness, sluggishness, craving that tea or coffee to get you going, or that afternoon bit of sugar, maybe even tucking into the kids sweets😉
it’s all feeding the fermentation in the gut, playing havoc on our hormones, weight, energy, kidney health, lymphatic system …

our body produces the alcohol chemical when food ferments, and why fermented food or supplements are Not Healthy or healing,

this was going on inside my body for years,

rotting fermenting foods
creating a highly acidic environment
causing weight fluctuations, tiredness, brain fog, hormonal imbalances, bloating …

What’s going on?
Why is nothing working for me?
I asked myself this too,
for sooooo long!

it’s the toxins, the mucus, the fungus, the parasites, the acids,
the reason the healthy plant based foods aren’t working,
is because there’s to much obstruction for them to get to work,
plus foods aren’t being combined properly,
and to many supplements are being used,

we have to help the body to clear the pathways
then true healing can begin

we need an alkaline environment🥒🍇🍊🍠
and this means getting out what’s causing the acid build-up and chaos inside,
foods, supplements, medication, stress on the body,
I know it can sound so scary and gross,
it’s really not Beauty,
it can be gentle exiting and nourishing,
it’s so freeing and uplifting

a journey of empowerment through our body, it’s the most incredible journey of all,

and if you’ve already got an alkaline diet,
but you’re still experiencing symptoms, then there’s still more that can be done with the food, there always is,

if you’re not where you want to be
there’s more, never give up,

that fulfilled life🌸

wearing the cloths you love
able to eat a meal out without the bloat and pregnant size belly appearing
no longer worrying about how your body will react

maintaining a comfortable weight
feeling energized all the time
feeling at peace with your body and who you are

this is what’s possible when we alkalize the body and make space for the body to heal itself by removing the obstruction

It’s safe gentle and so freeing Gorgeous !

it’s not about the next
diet supplement treatment or exercise

it’s about removing the toxicity so you can live your most vibrant energized light free fulfilled life

this is why we’re here right, for this,
not for the struggle discomfort pain,

but to feel amazing in your body and in your life

it all starts with our body
it runs everything we do
the decisions we make
the actions we take
the relationships we have
the abundance we live

It’s all starts inside our true home

Your Precious Body ❤️