This last decade has been full of massive highs and lows, including this year,
a beautiful dance with life, even in the challenges,
it’s made me grow more stretch more awaken more
live and love more

a deepening in awareness
a deepening into the heart into love
has changed everything,
and will continue too

I am rising with you love❤️

What I discovered during this decade lead me from being totally unaware in the dark about my body and healing it,
to total freedom,
physically mentally and emotionally.

10 years a go I didn’t even realize I was suffering, I didn’t even realize how I was feeling wasn’t normal, I was unaware of what was going inside me, and outside me

Oh how things have changed, let’s say I’m living on a totally upgraded timeline (when this sunk in, all I have to do is Be the women 👸🏻who is living her vision – eating well taking care of herself loving her body detoxing her body and committing to her self-love practise … everything started to shift dramatically!)🌈

I’ve peeled backed so many layers like the onion I am, I always had my surname pronounced onion at primary school, and yes,
I’ve spent the last 5 years deeply peeling away layers that didn’t serve my highest,
to reveal the truest health I know,
I also know that there’s more, and that I’m only just touching the surface of this health thing!!(stay tuned)💋

But to imagine I would be where I am in my body mind and emotions a decade ago I couldn’t even see it feel it,
I always had a big vision for my body and the way I wanted to feel in it, but to feel this free inside,
actually I didn’t know it was possible,

to be living proof to myself and to my work fills my heart up so full, it’s beaming with joy to share with the world,

we can all move from suffering to freedom, it’s available for us all.

if we open to
the paradox
the wonderful
the different
the non-linear
the truth of nature
we create a new reality for ourselves
as we get to see what’s truly possible in this physical vessel of light and love,

this is what I did to get to where I am in my body,

I stopped following the ‘rules’ the ‘shoulds’ the ‘fear’, and started looking outside the box and into the realms of wisdom and truth, which always bought me back to how nature works lives and heals,

I spent the first part of this decade thinking I could heal my body eating everything, because it was organic or from a health shop or homemade made it super healthy, it was all about adding more in,
I though I was deficient in everything,
I found out I was wrong,

I spent the second part of this decade awakening to the real needs of my mind-body emotions soul, and I found out vegan and plant based were still not quiet there, it took another level where I started to feed my body 85% of the time what it has always been designed for, fresh/dried fruits🍓, leafy greens🥗, veggies🥒, seeds🥜 (so much variety and pleasure to be experienced in these foods) I started to remove cleanse and eliminate obstruction instead of add,

…and something amazing happened,

I started to see my physical body regenerate itself, my hormones reset, my weight totally balance, all my cravings go, my focus and presence reset to a much higher frequency, my emotions totally balance, my energy sky rocket, my body tone up so fast and so easily, and so much more confidence and inner-strength awaken … more clarity creativity intuition passion pleasure woke up too!💃🏻

the health frequency has taken on a whole new resonance for me since the cellular regeneration of my physical body-specifically on my digestive system kidneys lymphatic endocrine glands liver and brain, but all organs and brains have been worked on!

I could have stuck with the old paradigm of nutrition, of what is seen to be healthy,

instead I chose to live the paradox, and it’s been the best decision I made in this last decade! actually my whole life!

to be living in the healthiest body possible happy in your emotions
clear in your mind free in our soul,
there is nothing more liberating than this.

my health is always number one.

What has been your best decision in the last decade? and what’s your number one?

What we value we invest in,
and what we prioritize,
we see beautiful leaps of trust in.

Love you!

Arianna x