The freedom piece around your hormones love is not about what foods help your hormones, because nothing can help balance your hormones until the root cause is addressed, of a toxic acidic system within 

the only reason our external systems are toxic and dysfunctional is because the inner terrain of the human is the same, which means we have to unobstruct and alkalise to restore and harmonize

We are so important to the health and freedom our planet, you are so important, your health is EVERYTHING, don’t think external is separate it’s all one, and you have the power to take charge of your health, clean your body clean the planet, simple raw awakening truth

I hear so much about eat this to balance your hormones eat this to lose weight eat this to get energized take this supplement to feel more confident

It doesn’t work like that, I did all of this for over a decade, and still felt like crap, terrible in fact, heavy bloated fog exhausted and unclear = toxic, 

yes I had to clean my body A LOT! have you done your clear out yet? have you healed your inner terrain, your gut liver glands lymph kidneys heart? 

Truth is in from the realms of illuminated truth, which shows us that until the body is clean the body will not balance, clear the way within and the cosmos will clear the way for you, meaning all those symptoms the exhaustion weight gain pain emotions will GO

I see truth as my body, what she shows me, what I feel in her, what I know to know so deep in my sacral of womanly knowing, you know that KNOWING we ALL have deep in our belly! do you listen to it?

…like fish oils animal protein dairy liters of water is all a lie, good fats, maybe, it’s still fat, clogging up the system and putting pressure on your liver abs suppressing our feeling sense …YOUR ORGAN OF LIFE, dairy, it’s pus, I say no more, animal protein, we don’t need it, you can eat it, but no one needs it, it’s pure acid, and it’s an animal with feelings, water, biggest lie ever, water does not hydrate us, plant waters do, it’s the closest structure to the water in the human body it’s filled with life energy healing power! 

Beauty I know this is just me saying all this, but I tell you, my inquiry has gone so deep, I am not one to surface bandaid it up and hope for the best, I believe in transformation, I don’t just believe it, I know it’s possible, because I’ve seen it in my own body emotions mindset relationships life business … 

and other bright souls that have said yes to this transformative body awakening way 

EVERYTHING starts inside your sacred body temple, external is a lie … go beyond Goddess, go into the realms of illuminated truth that will reveal all and reclaim your Goddess power to embody the life body feelings relationships you dream in your heart

if you settle that’s what you’ll get, if you rise that’s what you’ll get, go all in, don’t hold back, free fall into you, you are SAFE to let go and safe to change

you courageous soul, I see you!

Love & Warmth,