Food for Health That Truly Heals

What have we been told about breakfast?

This is my perspective, it may not be yours, but I ask you to consider a different view and see how that feels inside your body

I found out the whole eat a protein rich good fat rich breakfast to set you up for the day is a total untruth, another control on our well being!

We’ve been lead to believe through the system of nutrition (another one!) that we need protein and fat to give us energy,

to keep us going, I found this to be false after a near 2 decades of diving deep into nutrition!

To much and the wrong types of fat and protein shut down our detox pathways, increase acid, and slow the bodies functions down and disrupt our hormones

We must dig deep for the truth (as we are all doing so deeply right now),

nutrition and health is key,

health sovereignty is our path!

Our body wants a break,

and needs a break,

if it is to really heal,

I found on my healing path we can’t stay on the surface, we have to go to the root to heal the body for life long health, cellular deep

The best thing we can do is dry or liquid fast till late morning or early afternoon, you can choose, the human body loves it! #atruebreak

From this place we begin to address food cravings weight gain depression thyroid imbalances, anxiety, body and food frustrations, bloating and tiredness

The whole hype that fruit sugar is bad for us is ridiculous, it makes no sense,

yet they tell us a cooked dead animal, drinking milk from another specie full of antibiotics pus viruses, eating ovulation from another specie is ok,

…but fruit isn’t? hmmmm,

…we must question this DEEPLY not just on a level of our health and body,

but also on a planetary level

…there is A Lot of deep societal conditioning that runs through the nutrition system!

I learnt this after study for 4 years, to then find out 95% of what was taught was misinformation! …so I spent another 5 years digging deep into all areas to find alignment to natures rhythms, that are also humanities rhythms

  • fruit sugar feeds our focus and brain
  • cleanses our body of toxicity
  • supports our detoxification organs
  • supports healthy hormone function
  • boosts energy levels
  • supports healthy weight loss
  • balances the gut/brain connection
  • opens our heart
  • sheds what no longer serves us!

…and so much more!!

Phytochemicals Natural plant chemicals are absolutely essential for humanities health, and to thrive physically mentally emotionally and spiritually

Here WE all get to awaken true health confidence happiness peace and more ease in this body, around food, and feel more deeply connected to our femininity, as our emotions and energy balances within as the body becomes cleaner and clearer, deepening your connection to your true self

Where are you on your food journey?

So much love,

Arianna x

PPS. If you would like to start your plant-based transition and start to feel the incredible benefits of what the plants can do for your health, or you’d like to go to a next level with your health!!