Hey Beauties, food🌿combining is an essential part of the healing journey, this 1 step has shifted so much for my clients, and myself!

when we mix up foods together they create chemistry-energy in the body,
healthy or destructive, alkaline or acid environment

alkalinity is where you heal your body and remember your freedom, your energy
your power, your feminine confidence to thrive in this world

acidosis is a huge cause of dis-ease and chronic degeneration, and can easily be reset when you get to the root

food combining can radically shift the body into a higher frequency of health as pressure is taken of the digestive system and all organs, hormone harmony begins here

this is exactly why ‘everything in moderation’ doesn’t work – it’s chaos in your belly, the less different foods together the better, and it makes life easier, more simple and freeing,
Liberation, not restriction

practise zooming out, see a new perspective

See how understanding true evolved plant-based nutrition and simplicity can support you,
To set a foundation where you never have to worry about your health ever again,
can you imagine that?!

everything is about the gut and digestion, from this focus-
I see women melt away up to 4 stone in weight in less than 8 weeks
rid exhaustion in less than 14 days
beat the sugar, caffeine, food cravings fast
transform stress into calm
move from head to heart and live free
reset the body and heal hypothyroid and autoimmune
(+ get off decades of meds!)

it all starts in the gut
at a cellular level
to maintain vibrant
health freedom

food combining can support your healing journey so much, I help women get clear on where they are with their nutrition, why they’re craving foods, what’s going on emotionally, how to maintain permanent radiant confident heath and ideal weight, why it’s not working and feels hard, a struggle a drama

I show a much easier way that frees up so much time for purpose, happiness and living the life you dream about!

please don’t wait another month year decade Beauty, when here at @thebodyawakeningmethod we have a clear proven process to guide you through.

We Bespoke it to your unique needs and dreams, to get you the results you want, all about results and your happiness, here, your health and freedom is top priority! we cover it all for you, so you get to feel safe and held on your journey home to your true-Self🌸
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