and some we are lead to believe are good for us from the BS mainstream of health and the food giants … like coffee, butter, oily fish, meat, cheese, highly acidic grains, yoghurt …

After many years thinking I just needed these foods, the caffeine sugar alcohol processed foods cheese and bready stuff, I realized I had become addicted to the affect these foods had on me, impacting my brain hormones mood and desire, thinking I needed them, I count survive without them

Let’s be clear, we are not FREE if food is controlling us- and cravings are control

whether to stimulate, suppress, exit out of life, comfort, feel love, give us that buzz, feel good feeling for a moment- then crash! the media plug these foods over and over to keep humanity spinning in circles!

I couldn’t live my life like this, being run by food taste texture the buzz the crash, the food sabotage, and giving away my power to the food industry and false BS NOT-health claims!!!

I found away out of this, here’s where I started;
1. I got honest with myself, I got real with how I was feeling …food addiction is not serving anyone
2. I saw beyond the food, how it was keeping me stuck with my weight energy stress, codependent relationships, health?
3. I felt blocked in my sensuality and feminine energy? AND it is in our lower body, our sexual organs our creative potent centre that these addictions get stuck and block us
4. I found commitment hard, so I got real with WHY, and did what I HAD to do to transform it and move forward!
5. I began to clean my body properly and lessen the foods I craved, step by step – see it for what it is, a habit a pattern keeping you stuck … instead, tune into ‘WHY’ you are choosing that?

Everything is a choice, when we realize we have the power to overcome any addiction, and I’ve overcome a long list, now free from them ALL – we move from disempowered to empowered and take a whole lot of sacred power back,

that means more energy less stress a release of dependency and fear,
AND awakening strength creativity health joy bliss and freedom THE #truth in this body temple💝

When we get empowered around food and take full responsibility for our choices decisions and HEALTH …
there is a massive shift within,
finally, we see that
no one is in control of our health,
other than ourselves

Be the empowered one, the time is now.

Love always!

A xx
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