my body taken over by parasites, the damp dark mucus filled environment that I had created from eating the wrong foods, had lead me to be a perfect host to be feed off, an easy target to be drained of my life force energy 

this toxic environment inside me lead to feeling exhausted stressed anxious overwhelmed confused bloated heavy unclear full of fear craving sugar 

so I decided to find the way, and the way, was the truth, which was remembering I can heal it all, you can heal it all, by the power of plant food as medicine, the power of healing my gut cleaning my liver kidneys lymphatic system healing my hormones 

deep in my soul, I always knew of this well-being I seeked, this joyous free alive ecstatic blissful peaceful state, but how, what where when …

well, I focused on the truth, of that blissful state of being in this body, and I was guided all the way home to heaven on earth within, now an anchor of this on our sacred Earth home 

I cleared the parasites 

I healed my gut

I cleansed my liver

I got my kidneys filtering 

I alkalized my body

I reset my adrenals to calm 

I dry fasted a lot 

I started to regenerate my cells 

I followed my inner-guidance 


I let my ego die and die some more 


I became my own sovereign authority on my well-being

I ended listening to negativity around my body

I chose to anchor the solution 

And, I healed the so called incurable



chronic hormonal imbalances

major addictions 

the list goes on and one and on…

I am free.

You are free.

We are all free.

when we choose to listen to this body, not the fears lies stress doubt, but the love truth peace self-belief, freedom prevails!

Where is your focus, fear or love, sickness or health, enslaved or freedom?

your attention 

your focus 


your freedom 

your HEALTH.

Love you!