We are at unprecedented times on our precious planet, with forces spinning a web of further illusion and suffering, the call has NEVER, I mean EVER been so raw so potent so important … What call? 


The Call To True HEALTH

4 years ago I started talking sharing writing about a DETOXIFICATION LIFESTYLE, the core of what I teach and guide my clients through, no matter what our lifestyle, there’s always a way of making it work

there was a call in me, a deep intuitive knowing what was coming, a future pace intuitive

we do not ignore our well-being here, we know how important it is, we take inspired action, we do what needs to be done, this is what we are about, powerhouse sisters of this sacred earth, we take care of this body temple, as we love ourselves DEEPLY 


I have always been able to intuitively tap into what’s coming, and what it means for our health, just a deep inner knowing of the solution needed, and action that needs to be taken to avoid the pain and worry of ill-health

I hold the archetype of the prophetess, white Buffalo woman lives in me, an anchor of harmony and hope


I want to be super grounded and clear in this moment, I know how the spiritual journey can take us so high, and we lose sight of being here on this earth in this body

It means no more bypassing this physical body, to truly remember to truly come home to truly live true to Self, to lose the excess weight of toxicity, it means holistic cell de-tox it births embodiment


Toxicity from: vaccinations food fluoride in the water supply pesticides herbicides fungicides glyphosate GMO DDT medications the media old emotions 

all this toxicity sits in the body, it damages the cells hormones detox pathways kidneys liver gut the functions of the body, it degenerates the system, into a body of acid and dis-ease, excess weight stress addictions 

the body will play along for a long time, until one day, it collapses, the heart kidneys liver brain nervous system can’t function any longer due to overload of…


CONTINUED…due to an overload of toxic chemicals that breakdown the bodies communication 

we can ALL AVOID THIS entropic breakdown 

we can ALL CHOOSE to REBIRTH and integrate a detox lifestyle, and REGENERATE FULLY and live our wildest dreams of love 

I took my body for granted for decades, until I broke down, I couldn’t go on like that, I couldn’t live not knowing who I really was within, I craved authenticity, I did everything I thought I could to regain my health, but nothing was working


I dropped following any rules in nutrition 

I used lots of fruit sugar to heal my body FULLY of exhaustion weight issues skin problems hormone imbalances brain fog adrenal fatigue stress fear 

I fearlessly went all in on ME my TRUTH 

I said YES to radical self-love 

I unlearned to relearn 

(we do not know it all, so far from it!)

I binned so many healthy food myths 

I stopped eating acidic animal foods 

I investigated for over a decade to really know what true detox is,

…and how it’s OUR GREATEST freedom tool, when integrated into our life

for nearly 4 years I’ve lived a detoxification lifestyle, my health has maintained beyond what I could have imagined, it’s actually just got better and better, and I love food and eat so well, an abundance of vibrant foods, I do not restrict myself

it goes to show, when we honour truth of food medicine, when we get out of our own way, when you follow your heart, when you TRUST your intuition, when you listen to your body

you really do get to live a life of absolute blissful bountiful freedom in this body💕

What’s in the way of the change you deep down desire in your body? 

and whatever it is love, 

you CAN BLAST past that NOW💥

Love you!❤️

AA x

PS. Are you ready to lose the weight for good and live in a body you love and feel confident in?

PPS. Do you know your liver and gut needs healing because you are so tapped in? 

PPS. Are YOU a YES to YOU?