This morning I saw a supplement product come up on YouTube stating you can lose 30lbs in 2 weeks still eating what you’ve always eaten, plus beat depression and stress?!

Ok, so my ears springed to attention, as someone who specialises in supporting women worldwide to shift that weight for good, and get off antidepressants and live stress-free, I know there’s no bypassing the food … so, hmmmm

the weight-loss industry is a 80 billion dollar industry; I found it concerning, and also funny, how this presentation was saying it’s nothing to do with the weight-loss industry, yet doing exactly what any industry does, disguising, so called ‘helpful’, with killing people slowly and lies

like, you can eat as much acidic food as you want, donuts meat pizzas greasy dairy cheese filled burgers in bleached white bread fizzy drinks, and take this supplement, and you’ll lose 30lbs in 2 weeks and beat your depression

I know many wish this, and why it’s showing up in the collective reality, but for lasting weight-loss, nutrition is the way, some vegan whole plant added support, tincture, powders can be super supportive

I use them daily and so do my clients, but claiming you can take a supplement and eat acidic food daily is a huge lie to keep humanity in addictive cycles that live in our saracl center, repeating unhealthy habits

Ok, here’s the thing:

all these weight-loss claims which are massive masks of the real root cause, fake bandaids claiming that we can all eat as much acidic junk as we want, pop a pill and all is well, big BS here my love, can you smell it, I’ve come to be pretty good at smelling BS over the many years I’ve been in the health food detox medical field’s

this fat thing has a real root cause, that comes down to 2 roots:

Physical body toxins

Old emotional toxins

why just taking a plant supplement capsule daily is not the answer

unless the foundation of life is addressed and looked at- your FOOD intake – then the real freedom in this body is not experienced, and that individual continues feeling frustrated with the weight-loss claims that never work, because they all bypass the TRUTH, which is, nutrition pH the slimmer lighter more toned healthy happy vibrant flexible body, is a result of addressing these 2 roots above, this is exactly what The Body Awakening Method covers (get my book to get started)

the health claims of the dieting industry kept me in dieting loops for decades, until I finally chose to be in charge of my own human experiment, I knew there was more, I had to go beyond

I gathered data, the embodied wisdom and knowledge over YEARS, it showed me the truth, I was never one to wait for science, I guess that’s the idealist in me, I just go and do it myself in my body, the real deal baby, let’s start living it!

the greatest experiment  is you, WHAT YOU FEEL, not a what a paper says, reclaim that power, know your body, do it in your body until you find your truth

and the beautiful thing, is that what was true for me and my body, has also been true for so many other women and their bodies that implemented The Body Awakening Method – 

to Us, the world’s greatest weight-loss method of truth, pure and safe, a life lived fully in your power, this is freedom, you answer to no one, you are the greatest authority, You Can Do It Beautiful! Love you xxx AA.