As the word FAT tells us, it’s heavy, it’s clogging, it’s dense, it’s not easy for the body to deal with,
let alone use it

we’ve all been lead to belief we need fat, you’re not alone here,

fat is false
fat is concentrated
way to much for our LIGHT-body

the human body needs foods that cleanse and eliminate
fruits and vegetables, higher the water content the better

if we need to remove a food group to clean the body, why are we eating it in the first place?

I discovered cleaning the body isn’t just a couple times a year job, and it’s not how it works,

TO MUCH FATTY FOODS leads to an acidic/suppressed body and stagnant digestive system
which is what most are living with

When your digestive system and other elimination pathways are clogged with fat, they’ll lose a lot of vital-energy, ENERGY that is necessary NEEDED for you to function optimally and

Yet we can adapt very well,
as fats suppress we also feel that we are better … it’s not true

adaption doesn’t mean the body is well healed or healthy,

Until you experience the feeling off foods that cleanse and eliminate instead of stagnate and suppress, you just don’t know

When you continue to suppress
the body depletes at a cellular level and symptoms, imbalance and degeneration is the result
but when you eat to support your digestive system, which supports your elimination pathways, which nourishes your nervous system, which heals your endocrine glands, resetting your entire energy centres and master glands of the body,


Every part of your body is interconnected
and why regeneration of organs is essential,

Every thing is always in motion,
nothing is static

the body needs to be in flow
in motion
to heal itself

when the body is static inside, toxins build up and become concentrated in the organs leading to weight gain, exhaustion, pain, anxiety, brain fog,

whereas when the energy is free to move in the body, you experience true vitality, vibrant health, a state of living in your body that is unimaginable to most

fulfilment alignment freedom
comes as a result of eating to regenerate not degenerate

food is our portal
a catalyst

living our fullest potential
embodying more of who we are
ascending to higher states

free to thrive
free to express
free to be all of you


The Body Awakening Ibiza

PS. this is not a dodgy urine sample in my hand, but pure raw sugar cane juice – next level vitality and youth in a bottle 🦄🌈