Drinking pints of cows milk, unaware, half my childhood was spent on my grandpa’s farm, Devon maid, I loved it, the animals, food straight from the farm, nature all around me 

This way of eating; the dairy meat butter eggs cheese, is what I grew up on, my elders where eating it, society said, well it must be good for me, my body dealt with these foods for years 

UNTIL, I got really sick, my hormones, PMS so painful, afternoon slumps of energy, stimulant cravings, I felt moody, irritable, weight fluctuating up and down, what was going on?

I started to question stuff, decades of studying in-my-own-body, how nutrition affects the way we feel look act behave think live

I committed to this body, to finding a way to live well, to be healthy at peace, ultimately live free, empowered in this body, no more over to a system made to suppress my joy-life-vision-truth

I saw how this whole food, farm food thing was totally misunderstood, these acidic foods were contributing to so much dis-ease surgery medicating ill-health on our planet, designed to consume plants not animals

truth dropped, it’s the pH of the food that unlocks true health, lasting weight-loss, medication in the bin!

And, it’s about understanding the refinement of what we eat, not restricting your pleasure

a journey of seeing how actually some foods on the farm were natures Farmacy, yet other foods were as toxic to this human body and causing dis-ease like big pharma

continuing to eat the acidic way, but told to pop chemical pills to heal this human body, we know this doesn’t work, lets bin that lie and absorb nature’s Farmacy now and make the shift home

home to the truth of body and nature now, here is true sovereignty, when you remember you can heal it all, we detach unplug from the industry societal lies and plug into natures medicine

the PLANTS, they are the MEDICINE, YOU are the medicine, you work in HARMONY together

this body heals when it’s given a natural neutral alkaline environment to do so, a healthy gut terrain, toxins removed, terrain regenerated

then do you see all DIS-ease DIS-appear, and EASE-APPEAR, THRIVE Goddess!


founder, TBAR method.