over my 5 years of studies I was always so curious about detox, but no one ever seemed to really get it, even the teachers, there was always something that didn’t sit quite right with me, I always felt there was more, you know that feeling you get, that inner knowing, I’m clairsentient “clear feeling”

and why I continued to experiment, research for years after, and practice and live what I preach.

I remember buying a liver detox book 6 years ago when I started getting into detoxing whilst in London, the detox told you to avoid milk wheat caffeine alcohol bad fats and sugar, which is all so good and so so necessary, but ON the detox you were OK to eat rice fish eggs white potato muesli oats chickpeas nut butter lentils rye bread onions garlic veggies fruit and soy yoghurt

I did this detox, and I did feel good, why? How? Not because my body was detoxing, that’s for sure, but the high fat foods had suppressed my body into relief, and I had removed some stimulating and processed foods, so this would have eased things a bit…

this is where huge misinformation and mistruths are being spread, no – body can detox on these foods,
they are all mucus forming and acidic,
the only foods that allow the body to
de-tox properly at a cellular level,
is the juices herbs fruits green leafy and vegetables

No wonder so many no longer believe detox is an actual necessary process that we must support our body through, because so many have had bad or unsuccessful experiences, or a goosed lien who but no lasting results,

can you relate to this?

We’re told that are Body can do it all-

Well it can, yes, but only if it’s given the right set of conditions inside to be able to do what it needs to do,
I too believed this for so long, to only find out this really wasn’t the case at all

the reason the weight keeps coming back or you just can’t shift it, or your thyroid is under functioning, you feel tired, foggy, irritated, craving, you feel like things get a bit better-they do for a while, and then you end up back where you started, maybe even worse, hormones off balance, bloated, cravings all return
not long after doing the detox??! Why!

Symptoms come back because the cause hasn’t been healed or addressed, which in my experience always comes back to toxicity at cell level

Cellular detoxification is a very real and very needed process,

I found to really get results, and see real permanent shifts it has to be integrated into your life, this is what I teach and guide my clients through, and you still get to enjoy food, treats, life- all of it, even more, because the body is given what it needs to do it’s job, and for you to feel well again,

once the waste is out, you only desire healthy clean food anyway, and this where I found so much freedom and I see my clients experiencing the same,

Cellular detoxification is not a quick fix, there is no such thing if we really want to heal and thrive,
it’s most definitely a path to absolute liberated awakened body freedom, which eliminates all toxicity so all symptoms and makes food a liberation
not a chore,

It brings peace within
It cultivates boundless energy
It’s awakens vitality
It naturally reverses aging
It resets the body to liberated

It rejuvenates your entire BEing.
It’s regenerates life
every cell
every part of you

It’s home to a body that is
clean clear and confident

Ready to heal your Beautiful home?

Ari x

Ready to leap out of bed, motivated excited centered uplifted glowing light like an effortless certainty is you?

Ready to get to the root, finally heal the cause and live liberated in your body and around food?

Ready to heal your emotions hormones and feel a peace inside yourself?

Ready to go to your next level?

The Body Awakening Ibiza💎
Retreat Program🍧
6 nights & 12 weeks 1:1 guidance with Arianna
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Ibiza, Island magic,
healing energy all around you,
immersed in the beauty of our vibrant healing home,

Come home to your liberation
and make
awakened health
awakened living
your new permanent

healing becomes easy
connected grounded and freeing
dropping away from everyday life
a vibrant pattern interrupt

in the sun ☀️
under the stars 💫
smell the ocean 🌊
eat the fruits 🍉
eat the veggies 🥗
heal with wild herbs 🌱
dance your freedom 💃🏻
detox to bliss 🌈
reset to thriving 👗
body frequency rejuvenation 

drop back into all of you
feel your centre
feel your strength
feel your healing
as you come home to your truth.

Is it time Beautiful? Ready for healthy radiant nourishing self-love to reset your body to peace and ease? Ready to invest into you and your freedom? Ready now to make sure you begin 2020 aligned vibrant in your body free from excess weight energized clear focused and feeling amazing?

Let’s connect,
private message me if you’d like to explore this over a phone call x