I was losing clumps of hair daily, my whole digestive system shutdown, eating lettuce was hard, panic attacks, emotions where crazy, I wasn’t nice to be around, a reactive explosion, exhausted when I woke up mid morning mid afternoon and early evening, constantly tired, anxiety lacked confidence and feared fully speaking up, in an unhealthy relationship because I didn’t want to be alone and craved to feel love, I hadn’t been listening to my body wisdom …

Before this my normal was tired most days, digestive upset, discomfort, craving sugar caffeine cakes and lots of carbs, eating it all most days, feeling disconnected from my body heart soul, ungrounded scattered unclear, rushing around everywhere never still, working night shifts studying in the day, I didn’t know how to love myself I didn’t even understand how this was NOT right, constantly putting myself down, letting the external pull me away from what really mattered, my well-being

I kept ignoring it and feeding myself inside, people family saying I look fine, I felt awful, doctors not finding anything … testing over and over …never an explanation just more fear pills … telling me to rest more, drink more water … so much blah that I now know is BS … stuck in the illusion, waiting for some better day … or for someone to save me …

After learning my lesson, I took massive action, why did I have to let it get so bad to take action, this was crazy, when I could have just listened to my tiredness cravings stress anxiety weight fluctuations brain fog at the start and acted then, I didn’t, this was part of my journey to waking up, the present moment was the saviour here, focusing on clearing and regenerating my physical body hormones cells whole-health, learning to love and trust myself really love myself completely and trust my body and feelings, now living symptom free and have done for years through nature’s medicine

I saved myself
I empowered myself
I inspired myself with the calling of my heart to a higher place within
A higher power a higher vision guided anchored made me commit to my Holy Life
I stopped waiting.

Arianna ♥️