I had a moment today whilst having my nails done, looking across the road at a coffee shop, where I thought “oow I could so drink a beautiful Luwak bali coffee and eat a croissant”
…then I VERY quickly remembered how it made me feel, and any kind of emotion disappeared rapidly!!! 😅☕️🥐😷and I got excited about my divine salad and mucus free delights awaiting my cells 🌈

I think most can say coffee doesn’t make them feel good, if you’re really honest,
it stimulants,
so it also suppress’s what’s going on inside that needs be felt,
but it’s easier to push this down, I know I definitely thought this on my journey – stimulants being – coffee, tea, sugar, some grains, meat, alcohol, chilly, salt, spices

I found out it actually wasn’t easier, as it made symptoms worse, adding layers of anxiety, weight, fatigue, brain fog, low thoughts, pain, increasing obstruction to an already toxic body,
stimulants hide the true you even more – they’re an escape –

I knew it didn’t agree with me, yet I would have one, feel the buzz, the focus, then plan for my next, knowing it’s not good, knowing it’s wrecking my digestion adrenals kidneys and hormones,
but still I did it!!

STIMULANTS kept me trapped for YEARS
ups and downs
the internal chaos kept me lost within
craving my next pick me up
my next hit!
it took over my life and emotions and then my physical body

How about you?

I’ve now been 5 months no coffee, actually zero caffeine,
I don’t even crave it
I don’t even need it,
yes I may have a thought about it – but the imprint of the emotion and stimulation left me, as quickly as the thought came, it went,
the emotional connection as been released through all the #cellulardetox 🌈work I’ve been doing on myself, which is now a part of my daily life and totally sustainable and liberating,
it’s not hard it’s a choice I’ve made to life in utter bliss, in truth

focus energy presence motivation clarity existence is beyond what most can even imagine,
and this has come from never giving up to return to our ORIGIN of bliss,
a return home
back to thy true self

where we live in peace, feel centred, uplifted, energised, worthy, liberated and home where we belong,
alive in our heart
standing in true our feminine power

fiercely beautiful is our innate state 💎

I found out that my body is a portal to my heaven on earth,
and your body is your portal to your heaven on earth ❤️

what’s holding you back from allowing this bliss in your body?