Excess fat honey

It’s inflammation🔥

It’s water retention👙

It’s hormonal imbalances🧀

It’s old emotions😢

It’s excess toxicity💊

I know right! the doctors never tell you this!

maybe just take this pill that pill

maybe you’re depressed try anti-depressants😳

oh that’s what happens at your age😤

get on HRT maybe that’ll help you😷

just stop eating so much🧐

start weight watchers🤯

Yep really fucking helpful! not at all. 

then. You start having thoughts about a tummy tuck, just get it cut off and then that’s it. but that’s not it. the root cause hasn’t been addressed. problem still lives within. will just show up in other areas of your body/life

I know you know what you want

I know you know your truth really

so why aren’t you saying YES to yourself?

What’s holding you back from prioritising your well-being? when you know deep down you get this self-love self-devotion thang! so start living into it more, and THEN see the results 

I know. the internal mind games and voices. what if I just wait a bit longer, see what happens, well we all know, continuing the thing that got you into the funky mix of feeling URGH and blah in your body will not get you out, that’s just ridiculous 

I know you are a powerhouse woman that knows her shit, she knows this body is the gateway to freedom to deeper purpose to more liberation clarity aliveness, to creating the live of her dreams EVEN bigger 

so, what now? do you listen to your body, or continue to ignore her call to heal and live fully free, for as long as you feel trapped in your body, you are not free

AND guess what Beauty, you get to unshackle yourself right here right now, by saying a resounding YES to YOU

SO, do you? 

Love you!❤️

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