EPIGENETICS! You’re in charge of your HEALTH🌿🔥🧬

Epigentic’s, it’s no new term, and knowing what we know, is that you are in charge of your well-being, you have the power to shift whatever is going on for you right now 

whatever your mum dad grandad granny sisters brothers may have had in your family, does not mean you will have it, we can ALL heal naturally no matter where we are at

It means that you get to see what’s playing out within the body as a weak spot and address it through epigenetics – and strengthen it 

which means what you eat and how you live your life is what determines your state of health, it’s the medicine or the poison, alkaline eating or acidic eating, pain or pleasure, trauma or treasure  

…this is also why I don’t believe in genetic testing, or advise my clients to waste their energy on it, it’s misleading nonsense, wasting your precious energy on something that doesn’t bring about results, we have to work with nutrition to get that weight-loss heal that anxiety rid that sugar urgh addictions to feel energised light free and confident in your body 

The most powerful action YOU can take, is addressing what food is going in, and what’s being eliminated, and looking at overall lifestyle habits:

What have you eaten today?

How do you feel today?

Where are your emotions today?

What feels really good?

What are you excited about?

Do you feel in your body? 

…and the magic is, you always have the choice, to change what you eat, to change how you feel, to clean your body, to heal, and to anchor the change you so desire, it’s your call Beauty!

…and It’s all available to you right now.

with knowing that, what can you act on right now to support how you feel?

a detox? shifting to more alkaline eating? getting to the root of your weight-gain stress anxiety? getting into nature for a beautiful walk today? starting your day with affirming “I Can Do It”? sipping on a fresh pressed organic fruit juice and feeling the gratitude for this medicine?

Enjoy the possibilities that are all around you to shift into a higher frequency fast.

The real medicine is waiting for you to answer her call of LIBERATION.

Love you!