When you’ve spent over 15+years seeking, searching, trying to heal your body emotion, energy hormones, to only get temporary, Ok or no results …

I feel your frustration, never an explanation when you go to the doctors, just more testing pills or eat more protein and salt, you feel like you’ve tried it all

you’re a busy mama leader visionary agent of change powerhouse, you have so much more creative expansion within wanting to burst out into the world but your health is holding you down in the urgh feeling of no energy wild emotions sugar

I remember when I first really understood this hormone energy emotion confidence love myself journey thing, I made it all about dieting supplements, exercise protein fats, for so long, until I stopped.

continuing to do what isn’t working is ridiculous,
this was me for over 10 years …
Until, the search, turned into freedom!

You get told you can’t heal it’s incurable, medication for the rest of your life, more exercise, it goes on … we’ve all heard the blah, well what if there’s another way

… a way that’s clear grounded nourishing vital full of ease grace and love, its simple, and its freedom, and it can shift rapido when the foundation is anchored

“Oh just eat healthy just change the diet and get well” tried it, you? does it work, no Beauty, we both both know this

it takes clearing, cellular cleaning unobstructing alkalising de-mucusing the body gut liver kidneys and endocrine glands and emotions, everyone has it, clear this, you heal, fully, I was full of it, I cleared it, now my health is beyond words!

Health is a frequency. and you can choose that frequency. It’s LOVE. 528HZ.

a foundation to thrive from, so you can focus on your mission, and not be distracted by ill-health and stuff that doesn’t work, you are here for absolute RADIANCE and VIBRANCY beauty!

I bought my longing to be healthy to be the best me TO my pain, I decided my pain would be my catalyst for change, I set my pure determination to rise above and BE-come the woman!

Will you see your pain as a gift, or let it eat you up? Your choice Goddess.

Arianna ♥️