Enemas saved my life, bold statement, and so true, enemas are nothing to fear, so many fear them, when they are truly a blessing in disguise to real health freedom, along with plant nutrition and cellular detox, The Body Awakening ‘way’ method covers all of this for you

you haven’t experienced clarity, real clearness until you have worked with enemas, they are an essential part of cleansing detoxing and living healthy free and empowered in your body

I remember my first enema so well, it was like a massive dark cloud had been lifted off my head, and then the journey began, that was 6 years ago now, there are layers to clear, and each time to get closer to embodying your true-Self of joy love energised awake and free to stand grounded in your truth, bliss comes after you’ve done the physical clearing work

why are enemas so powerful, because they work on the liver, they clean your blood, every 3 minutes your entire blood flow filters through the liver, which means if you hold your enemas for 9 minutes which is what I usually do, you clean your blood 3 times, so powerful!

your blood is your life, it’s the root chakra, it’s your nourishment support certainty vitality, clean blood creates a clean body, mind emotions heart relationships, your life depends on the health and function of your liver, I had decades of toxic waste to clear, and I still am, we all do, don’t lie to yourself, but even though I’m still clearing it, my health is incredible, like I said, there’s layers, it depends how far you want to go, who you want to become who you want to embody, how true to yourself you want to be in this life you have right now

when we focus on the blood and liver, we can heal anything, because blood is the building block of life, and your liver is the burner, reset the energies here and you’ll total rest your life to feeling alive centred grounded healthy light and clear, this is the work to freedom and love

without enemas we miss a deeply awakening ad freeing experience in this body, they are key to embody permanent health; have healthy weight-loss energy clarity body confidence, it’s a feminine awakening – as here you also get to heal open and know your heart, hear your inner voice and learn to trust her and let her guide you 

its through the liver yes, and to truly feel that love for ourselves, we have to clear the toxins so we can feel our authentic truth and not be mislead my acidic toxic chemicals that are running most people’s lives bodies and emotions and food choices 

Our body is our temple and this temple needs attention cleaning and love, stop ignoring her and listen to her calling you, nothing is more important than your body, nothing. Go within or go without, be honest in your actions and you’ll get honest results. 

Integrity opens you to truth in this body and life, notice it includes ‘grit’ because we need grit to get real with ourselves and stop lying about how we feel, be different, reach for the stars and keep your feet firmly anchored in the soil, know thyself.

If you would like support on your healing journey, private message us.

Warmth & love 

Arianna ❤️