darling, it can feel like such a huge mountain to climb when it comes to true health, shedding that excess weight and keeping it off, I understand, I’ve been there, but, we can ground a way that feels easier, liberating, truthful to this being 

a way that takes you step by step to conquering your mountain of freedom, allowing a solution of evolved pH plant-food eating to be that certainty that clears the way

this is my current view from home, every morning I connect to mount agung, to be with it’s grounding energy and still presence, there’s always a way to your body/life dreams

I breath it with love into my soul with the deepest gratitude for this life I get to live, the life you dream is through the body, is the awakening, with plant foods as your catalyst 

like the mountain, we need a foundation when it comes to our health, so we can feel the stability the support, abundant energy, certainty of physical mental and emotional wellness on-going, as a done thing, not just sometimes

eating healthy eating to nourish eating to purify eating to de-tox eating to energise eating to clear the way is a foundation we can integrate into our lives to feel so grounded centered free clear alive, at peace within

you my love get to experience a life empowered in your feminine body, standing in your truth sovereign free a Goddess who says, ‘I am all in’, let’s do this, letting the light in 

natures true medicine, her plants her energy, is one of our greatest healing tools to full transformation in this body

it’s coming home to what rings truth in your being, when we hear it, we know, that’s the path, listen within, spirit is guiding you always

Nature is my medicine everyday, she has given us everything we need to heal, let’s embrace this truth of our sacred Earth

she’s calling us all home 

to our true Self now🌀

What’s the most empowering action you can take today towards your well-being?

I love you!


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