I woke up to such deep feeling this morning, as someone who cannot not write express be with her soul, after so much suppressing of my heart love, the true care I have within me for myself and others

rain falling her in Ubud Bali, feeling what it is to truly stop and feel, such medicine in this honouring of e-motion energy in this body

suppression of feeling is a huge cause of stubborn weight stress addictions hormonal imbalance…

it wasn’t until I started to really clear my body cell deep, clean and detox all the gunk, decades of it out of my temple, could I really feel my emotions, and start healing myself and moving forward in my life, out of weight struggles exhaustion stress, repeating patterns habits, but freeing myself to plant new well-beginnings cell deep

a client just completed a 10 day purification and said, “It’s like I can feel more, if that makes sense…” 

and this is the magic, when we can feel within, when we drop all that is stopping us from feeling, we can transform so much in our body, as we remember the feeling of the feminine, the allowing of that feeling within, to not run from it, or suppress it with stimulants, but actually feel, face, be with it, this brought me home to my soul, to the remembrance I am safe to feel, I am safe to embrace the feminine, I am safe to feel my emotion my heart my sadness my joy my frustration my forgiveness my anger my unconditional love …

I learnt to let go, to let flow, to let god, and be shown the way of truth through this being, as you trust within, you hold the key to unlock that freedom you seek 

Trust darling. 

Trust in love. 

big shifts are coming, be open be ready …

You can do it!

Arianna x


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