it’s all welcome here Beautiful

I love to express, I love to communicate, I love to share stories of transformation, I love to feel emotion and simply be with this feminine body 

it was a childhood of suppressed emotion, communication and hiding true humanness, that made me believe I had to shut down 

the pure beautiful power of an open throat chakra, your pure voice, the song from the heart, the dreams love desires celebrations

I saw thyroid imbalances weight-gain depression addictions anxiety stress sprout all around me in my family, myself, humanity 

I didn’t understand back then, I didn’t have the wisdom and trust in my inner knowing and intuition as I do now, now clarity is so clear 

any kind of suppression, whether it be the words not said, feelings not allowed, emotions ignored, medication popped, food lies ingested 

it’s all an illusionary trap – when the truth is my darling Goddess earthly heavenly woman, you are oh so free to express feel be live, love yourself as you are, and heal it

do you believe you can heal naturally? this question is power reclaiming, because – we can only heal naturally

the medical industry is no path to health love, I say this with justice in my heart, for to remember our true medicine 

… the plants the voice the ancient process’s of fasting herbs cellular regeneration 

from the Egyptian temples of our high priestess initiations, I call the remembrance now dear one, to this truth, you do know, trust within, trust your gut, trust your calling 

the health struggles, you can overcome anything, choose this, whatever it is for you right now

weight anxiety fear pain body shame depression, give it to the air, you can handle anything, know this-own this, you are a powerful medicine woman healer of all

I am your food medicine woman sister, by your side, I had to go deep into my body to remember truth, to live true to me others our earth

no longer be lead by the nonsense of disease, you can heal anything everything naturally with plant nutrition 

trust the way of love

that is, the fruits veggies herbs plants

calling you home to peace 

love to you!❤️

Arianna x