Embracing change with …🌸🍁🌱

A new excitement for living fully alive! 

Ready to embrace your body? instead of fighting it …

2.5 years ago whilst in Bali, I was given a challenge by life, to please my family and go back to Europe for an Italian family holiday, or listen to my soul and stay in Bali and follow my dreams purpose passion aliveness 

I chose to please my family, from ignoring my soul, my truth, my destiny, I was then given all the lessons I needed to get me fully listening to my soul 

After this awareness sunk in, and I saw what I had allowed, I vowed to myself I would never go against my soul EVER again, 

and so…

Last week I moved to a new home and to a new Island in Indonesia, it’s always been a total dream of mine that has now become my reality, after never giving up on my true vision for myself.

Fears doubts what if’s came up, but I didn’t let them stop me from going all in on life 

You can choose to move beyond into that unknown space that holds the dreams and desires you have within

I started to choose the excitement, the vision, the joy love optimism happiness freedom 

WAY MORE than any fear doubt negativity

I started to understand 3 years ago, that my happiness is the most important, self-love is the most important, as from here I saw that attention to me positively impact and inspire so many around me and continue to daily 

I’m not saying oow look at my life how I live no, I’m showing you what happens when you listen to your soul, whatever that vision is for you? 

I know that if my body was still full of gunk mucus the 30+ parasites I got out of myself an acidic liver kidneys gut, I would not be living this paradise, it’s merely a reflection of what’s going on inside our cells

health of cells = ultimate well-being 

I had to surrender deeply, I had to trust, I had to let go, and I had to detach, this took cell deep purification mindfulness awareness evolved nutrition that supports me daily, and to learn to trust in myself 

lets remember, Health is the foundation for all life, no foundation no base no stability no groundedness

health pH in balance = life in balance

Dreams DO come true✨

Be gentle on you.