Being different is Beautiful! 

Yep I’ve fucked up many-a-times, did it stop me, No!

I remember my former self feared being different so much, she would not speak what she felt, she would hide behind clothes that were dull and boring to not stand out, she would pretend a lot, she would comfort eat, she would let her fear run it all

Well, those days are well – and truly – OVER!

you’re here cause you’re a Queen, High priestess, Goddess, women that takes no bullshit anymore, sometimes we have to dig deep and say a sacred NO, to say the sacred YES to Self to LIFE

I want to share this with you dearest, because that fear of your power, I know it well, it’s a bitch when we try and be someone where not, it’s exhausting, it’s boring, it’s crushing on those heart strings

Fuck settling, yes I like to swear, and if you’re soul tribe, you probably do too, I even stopped sweating cause I thought, oh that’s not professional, I’m being rude, whatever, it’s expression, and this is me!

I am so done with speaking stuff to please anyone, the mystery schools taught us, know lets remember it: “As I please myself, I please all” “As I heal myself, I heal all” …

I’m a high-end priestess health specialist and visibility coach, and I own my gifts fully! just saying☺️what do you need to own today?

pure beautiful unique expression, how do you express yourself? many women that come to me during/after our work get more visible in their business life message, as they feel more confident in who they really are, next level shifts 

It’s all in that throat chakra, that thyroid gland ‘thy-Self’ is re-membered here, it’s learning the art of letting go to flow to grow and glow and remember what true aliveness is

Radical aliveness is our way, we haven’t been bought here to merely exist, we’ve been bought here to truly embody ALIVENESS and LOVE each other. love our-Self. love LIFE 

Are you ready to feel that ALIVENESS and clarity IN YOUR BODY?

…it’s safe over here, we truly do get to live in a body that feels peaceful sexy and yummy! 

I accept myself.


My tongue is dragon fruit power!👅