How do you eat? 

I have now learned how to in-lighten my soul with the sacred practice of eating, after decades of addictive emotional comfort eating 

I wondered why for so long I just didn’t feel connected, I didn’t feel connected to myself to life to my body to others to my heart to spirit to my higher self, why?

My body was toxic, my crown chakra was blocked with chemicals from food water OCP medication drugs alcohol synthetic supplements radiation old programming, and e-motions (distorted frequencies)

so — I delved into my body more, how the chakras impact our health on ALL LEVELS, our crown is connected to root and both are connected to our solar center and heart

so — it meant NO MORE BYPASSING my physical body, thinking I’m oh so spiritual and pure when my body was full of toxic waste, 

…making me think I knew who I was, I really didn’t at all (there’s a lot of this around)

…UNTIL I went and cleaned my body out properly, cellular level, addresses it all,

so — I began my purification journey, I started dry juice fruit fasting, I started eating way more raw less cooked, I started using sacred herbal plant medicines, I started shifting my body way more alkaline away from acid

I got the parasites mucus stones heavy metals OUT …

This all = dis-ease; weight gain exhaustion stress pain depression anxiety low self-worth programs disconnection from truth and love

so — that thing of grounding, isn’t all about the base chakra, like the alpha-omega scale, one end is a shame the other end is enlightenment, like sun and moon, it’s all one, we must address it all

so — my purification journey continues to teach me so much, it’s so liberating, I birth so much Joy through me, it feels beautiful and freeing, to know the truth within 

…and it’s here you get to access activate sustain that divine connection to the higher self, that sacred guidance

to purify, purification brings us home to peaceful awakened conscious living in this body temple, we remember our togetherness 

Oh yay! it’s a way of remembering the truth of LOVE PEACE HARMONY UNITY FREEDOM

PS: my book is a trusting space to begin!